The four sections of CEDARS work in unison to achieve the Mission of CEDARS while each has its own areas of specialization.

Careers and Placement


The Careers and Placement Section is committed to nurturing students to become global talents possessing professional competencies and entrepreneurial mindset. We are passionate in supporting and empowering students to explore and select suitable career options, acquire essential skills for workplace success, pursue a personally rewarding career and make positive impact to society. We also collaborate closely with employers and community partners to identify and recruit quality graduates to create values for their organizations and the community.

About Us

We serve as a platform with all-round, high quality co-curricular programmes and placement resources, including:

  • One-on-one career advising (career planning, CV review, mock interview)
  • Recruitment talks and careers fairs
  • Job posting and application platform
  • Faculty-based Professional Preparation Programme
  • Selection exercise and career preparation training
  • Industry collaboration events
  • Hong Kong, mainland and overseas internships
  • Entrepreneurship education and support
  • Graduate employment survey

About Us