Find Your Career Interest

Before you start looking for a job, think about your career first. Choosing a career means more than finding a means of making a living. Your work will determine many aspects of your daily activities, so you are in fact choosing your future way of life.

Before you start your job search, you have to take into consideration a wide range of factors:

  • How do you currently spend your time and energy?
  • What do you enjoy doing and what you are good at?
  • What do you value most : developing your potential, becoming an expert, serving the community, taking care of your family and friends, making a lot of money or gaining status and prestige?

The first step of career planning is to assess your interests, values, skills and personality traits. Self assessment is a process by which you learn more about yourself. A good self understanding can help you determine which occupations and work situations could better fit you. DON'T be forced by the market to take up jobs you don't like. Build your career around your interest and abilities.

There are many assessment tools. You can choose a self-directed tool or one that requires interpretive assistance.

MBTI® Career Report

MBTI® is a psychometric instrument designed to help individual's understand his/her personality type through measuring the individual’s source of energy, preferences for perceiving and making decisions, and lifestyle preferences. It consists of an online or paper-based questionnaire and face-to-face debriefing with a qualified trainer.

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This Career Report applies your results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to help you identify job families and occupations that are a good fit for your reported MBTI type. The MBTI tool was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Briggs and is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types. It has been used for more than 60 years to help people become more satisfied and successful in their careers.

This Report Can Help You

  • Identify job families, or broad occupational categories, to help get you started in your career search
  • Choose a specific job or career
  • Select a college major or course of study
  • Identify strengths and potential weaknesses of your type for the career search process
  • Increase your job satisfaction
  • Make a career transition or shift
  • Plan your career development strategy and action steps

This Report is only one source of information. When choosing a career or contemplating a career change, you must also consider your abilities and skills, your occupational and leisure interests, and your values and goals. You will also need information about specific tasks involved in different occupations, as well as current career opportunities. To do the MBTI questionnaire and obtain an MBTI® Career Report, look out for announcements in our daily emails on upcoming MBTI workshops and register for them. Alternatively, you can join MBTI workshops held by us through certain Faculties/Departments.

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