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Off-Campus Privately-rented Accommodation

Our Centre collects and compiles data on privately-owned rooms or flats, in the vicinity of the university campus that are available for rental to students. Students can obtain such information from our intranet after completing the registration process with our University. Such information is available for on-line viewing here.

Copies of such housing information are available on the notice boards of the following locations:
  • Centre of Development and Resources for Students
  • Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre
  • Pokfulam Amenities Centre
Western District Building

Our Centre can offer assistance in matters relating to the renting of rooms and flats. Please write to accommodation@cedars.hku.hk for details. A list of Frequently Asked Questions and guidelines on matters relating to signing a tenancy agreement are available for students' reference. Students are encouraged to go through them before signing a tenancy agreement. 

In order to maintain an updated record, students are reminded to notify the Centre via email and immediately after signing a rental agreement.

Students who prefer to look for off-campus rent properties are strongly advised to arrive in Hong Kong at least two or three weeks before the semester begins. This is to ensure sufficient time to shop-around for preferred housing. If students choose to do so, they are reminded that they have to arrange for temporary accommodation on their own before suitable rooms/flats are secured.

Other than going through our Centre, students can also choose to look for privately-rented flat/room through friends and relatives, or the local property agencies.

Western District Building
Private accommodation in Hong Kong is relatively expensive and most landlords tend to only consider at least a one-year lease. The average rent ranges from about HK$4,000 per month for a small single room to HK$10,000 per month for a small flat depending on the size and quality of the unit. Those advertised through property agencies may be more expensive and if students are to find accommodation through them, normally they have to pay a commission equivalent to 50% of a monthly rental fee.

CEDARS can help to pool students together who are looking for someone to share flats.  This service will be provided to all students via iMAP, a new online social networking platform of HKU!

iMAP is an online social networking platform consisting of a public wall and a search engine to help HKU students to find fellow students by interest, talent, nationality, current location and overseas experience, etc. Membership is exclusively for HKU students. With our feature "HK UHome", you can also look for privately rented off campus accommodation and roommate to share the place via this channel. To facilitate your immediate use of iMAP even before you get your HKU email account, you could be assigned a login password with your current non-HKU email account, so that you can get connect with the rest of the University community even before you come. Please visit this website for further information:

update 22 July 2013

Off-Campus Privately-rented Accommodation