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Yuet Ming Auditorium

Yuet Ming Auditorium

Basic Introduction

Yuet Ming Auditorium is located at 5/F of Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre. It provides a good quality facility for the art and cultural performances in the University of Hong Kong. The Yuet Ming Auditorium is the most modern and well-equipped proscenium theatre with a capacity of 400 seats. Basic furnishings are provided. The place can be used for cultural performances, drama productions and various kinds of functions.

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Seat Numbers: 400 seats

Stage Area: approx. 11 m (width) x 7.43 m (depth)

Proscenium Area: approx. 11.81 m (width) x 6 m (height)

Facilities: 2 dressing rooms with individual bath rooms

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Technical Information

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Yuet Ming Auditorium