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One-on-One Career Advising Service

One-on-One Career Advising Service

One-on-One Career Advising Service

To help you navigate the job market and plan for your future career, we are offering an exclusive One-on-One Career Advising Service to current students.

Our experienced Career Consultants who come from diverse backgrounds such as Senior HR, Recruitment, Finance, Banking, Technology, Engineering, Consulting, MNC, NGO and Start-up etc., are dedicated to providing personalised guidance and support by assisting you with a wide range of topics, from job market information and job searching strategies to application writing reviews and interview preparation.

Each session usually lasts for 30 or 60 minutes. Once a booking is confirmed, please honour bound your commitment and get ready for the meeting as scheduled.

To make an appointment, please book via One-on-One Career Advising Service Booking System and click “Start” to log in through your HKU portal. The steps are simple but remember to get ready for uploading the necessary documents such as CV, job advertisements, and the things that you want to discuss with our Career Consultants. You also need to input Zoom meeting details, including Meeting ID and Password. To enjoy the full service, please go to HKU Zoom and login with your HKU Portal to schedule a Zoom meeting. Details please refer to the User Guide. Plan ahead and make an appointment well in advance.

For any enquiries on our One-on-One Career Advising Service Booking System, please write to careeradvising@cedars.hku.hk.

For new graduates without HKU portal, please write to GraduAction@cedars.hku.hk