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One-on-One Career Advising Service

One-on-One Career Advising Service


Personalised career advice provided by experienced consultants

One-on-One Career Advising Service via Phone, Zoom, or Skype

One-on-One Career Advising Service

In light of the latest developments of the COVID-19, all consultation sessions are now being conducted by phone, Zoom, or Skype.

By using the One-on-One Career Advising Service Booking System, you can make an appointment to talk with our Career Consultants & Student Advising Officers at your fingertips.

Our experienced external Career Consultants are from diverse industries such as finance, banking, civil service, HR, science engineering, marketing, and sales, just to name a few. Together with the Student Advising Officers (Careers) of CEDARS, they are all delighted to talk to students to provide personalised career advice on career planning, job searching skills, application writing review, and interview preparation. We hope to explore with you and walk along with you on what you need on career preparation before your graduation. We care about your future.

Each session usually lasts for 60 minutes inclusive of the One-on-One consultation and evaluation. Once a booking is confirmed, please honour bound your commitment and get ready for the meeting as scheduled.

To make an appointment, go to One-on-One Career Advising Service Booking System and click “Start” to log in through your HKU portal. The steps are simple but remember to get ready for uploading the necessary documents such as CV, job advertisements, and the things that you want to discuss with our Career Consultants & Student Advising Officers. Plan ahead now and make an appointment well in advance.

For any enquiries on our One-on-One Career Advising Service Booking System, please write to guidance@cedars.hku.hk.

For new graduates without HKU portal, please write to GraduAction@cedars.hku.hk.