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About Campus Life

Our colleagues at CEDARS-Campus Life section strive to contribute positively to the learning and whole-person development of students through a comprehensive and integrated student support programme. We promote the welfare of students, meet their changing needs, support students in their extra-curricular pursuits and promote a vibrant and lively campus. In addition to establishing dialogue with students on University policies, the Campus Life section also provides a nurturing ground for student leadership, social awareness and responsible citizenship. The specialized services covered by the Campus Life section are:
  1. Accommodation
  2. Amenities Centres
  3. Catering
  4. Student Finance
  5. Student Societies and Activities
  6. Student Welfare and Emergency
  7. Non-local Students Support and Integration
Patrick Tang
Director of Campus Life

About Careers and Placement

Careers and Placement, CEDARS is a student-centred careers and placement services unit to all HKU students. With a team of dedicated staff, we strive to deliver the most effective and all-round career services for students in career planning, training and workshops to provide vast opportunities for students to develop independent learning attitude and professional skills in launching a rewarding career.

To employers, we strive to foster the branding of HKU as the premium source of top quality graduates who embrace high intellectual and professional standard as well as social responsibility awareness.

About Counselling and Person Enrichment

CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment Section (CEDARS-CoPE) promotes attitudes and skills that are necessary for your success in the university environment and in your pursuit of productive, satisfying and psychologically healthy lives.

It is our belief that timely and professional attention to these strengthens and deepens your involvement and success in academic and life pursuits.

We strive to provide comprehensive, accessible and flexibly-delivered services. We uphold the mission to foster respectful sensitivity to diversity and growth of a community.

About Student Development

The world is becoming a close global village. Students at The University of Hong Kong are the privileged few. Many students are concerned about the social and global challenges and what they can do to make a difference.

HKU promotes a whole person education approach which combines learning in classroom and outside. CEDARS is committed to working with the faculties to provide educational opportunities for students outside classrooms. The educational aims of HKU are to foster students' ability in intercultural understanding, commitment to global citizenship, and preparing them to be leaders and advocates for improvements of human conditions.
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