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SEN Support

About Us

We are the one-stop service unit for students with physical and sensory disabilities, learning and developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic medical illnesses, and multiple disabilities. We provide comprehensive service and support to facilitate your university adjustment and learning:

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  • Information on campus facilities
  • Learning aids / equipment
  • Funding resources
  • Employment preparation
  • Special examination arrangements
  • Volunteer / buddy support
  • Study skills coaching
  • And more......

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting students with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN) in overcoming barriers and achieving successful university education.

What do we mean by “Disability” and “Special Educational Needs (SEN)”?

We acknowledge that “Disability” and “Special Educational Needs (SEN)” are not identical terminologies. But we use these terms interchangeably to expand our provision to students who show a significant impairment or difficulty in learning and university adjustment.

If you have a disability and wish to receive additional support, please contact and register with us.

SEN Support