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SEN Support

Funds for SEN students

CEDARS administers some donation funds for supporting SEN students to procure learning equipment or services.
Henry Chan Inclusive Education Award for Students with Disabilities/SEN (application open in every September and January)
Henry Chan Inclusive Education Grant for Students with Disabilities/SEN (open for application throughout the year)


The Registry invites applications for scholarships specifically for SEN students. Please check the announcement on HKU portal regularly.

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Endeavour Merit Award
Li Kwan Hung Education Fund
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Awards for Disabled Students
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships/Scholarships for Disabled Students
S.K.Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Scholarship for Hearing Impaired Students


Other university financial resources

CEDARS Financial Resources
HKU Scholarships

Funding for Student-led Projects/Activities on SEN
CEDARS Fund for Student Initiatives on Special Educational Needs is set up to support student initiatives to promote social inclusion and enhance better understanding among members of the University on the challenges and abilities of people with Special Educational Needs (SEN). 

SEN Support