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SEN Support


If you wish to apply for a residential hall / college based on your needs arisen from your disability, you are strongly recommended to contact us to discuss your needs.

You have the responsibility to obtain and provide relevant document(s) to support your request.  The document(s) must be issued by qualified professionals.  It shall indicate your diagnosis, your current condition and the specific recommendations on living in a residential hall / college.

After receiving your request and document(s), we process your application with the Accommodation Unit of Campus Life section in CEDARS.  In case there is a need, we may consult the Director of University Health Service.

Please note that you are still required to submit an on-line application within the application period (same as other students). Please visit Campus Life - Accommodation for more information.

All HKU residential halls / colleges offer one-year residency only. If you wish to continue to live in a particular residential hall/ college in subsequent years, you need to apply for re-admission in the Round II application exercise, which normally will take place in March / April. You are expected to present an updated evidence to support your application for re-admission. You may approach us for support, if needs arise.

For new students, you are encouraged to establish contacts with us as soon as you have received an offer letter of admission in early August. 

SEN Support