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SEN Support

Learning Support

Reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments

Reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments are meant to reduce or eliminate disadvantaging effects of the student’s disability on his/her learning. They are meant to “level the playing field” and are not intended to undermine academic integrity or core requirements of a course or programme.

We provide recommendations on reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments which address individual needs on aspects such as:

  • Special examination arrangement
  • Special classroom arrangement
  • Course materials in accessible format

As students’ academic needs in HKU may differ from those in the past, there may be modifications in the academic adjustment and exam arrangement granted in HKU.

After reviewing individual students’ cases, we will issue a letter of recommendations on reasonable accommodations / adjustments to the respective Faculty and Examinations Office for approval and implementation. Students will also receive a copy of our letter via email.

Since requests for reasonable academic accommodations / adjustments require at least 8 weeks processing time, students are recommended to register with us as early as possible.

The letter of recommendations on reasonable accommodations / adjustments expires every year. Students are responsible for communicating with us and renew the letter before or at the beginning of new academic year. This annual exercise allows us to review the arrangements to better reflect students’ current needs.

Individual study skills coaching

We train and support SEN Buddies to offer one-to-one coaching on generic study skills, such as selective reading skills, information search, preparation for essays and presentations, task organization and time management strategies.

Note taking support

We arrange SEN Buddies to note down essential points delivered in class for SEN students with difficulty in taking their own notes. Please note that SEN students must attend the class in order to receive such service.

Special library support

We collaborate with the Libraries to provide special support and facilities to SEN students. Requests for special library support must be referred by SEN Support.

  • Liaison with publishers for access to the electronic version of course textbooks
  • Support for converting materials into accessible formats
  • Special room equipped with assistive technology in the Main Library
    • Hardware: Computers with large monitors, reading aids (e.g. Braille display, magnifier), power scanners
    • Software: Screen reader software JAWS (which also offers speech synthesizers for English and Chinese languages), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software ABBYY

SEN Support