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Peer Impact Network (PIN) 2018-19


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Peer Impact Network (PIN) 2018-19

Small Act   BIG IMPACT

We recruit HKU students to support people with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN) both inside and outside campus to participate fully in life. Students will form a network in which they are exposed to various service and training opportunities.

Being members of SEN PIN, students will have the chance to make use of their knowledge and experience to go beyond service provision. They will take the leading role in promoting value of inclusion, diversity
 and acceptance on campus.


·         To promote positive attitude towards diversity and social inclusion

·         To encourage direct engagement with people with disabilities / SEN through supporting their 

       learning and adjustment

·         To gain new perspectives and values on human potentials through service experiences

The key services under SEN PIN 2018-19 are:

1) Study Support –  practical peer support to students with SEN on campus

2) HEaRT@cafe330 – work with people in recovery of mental illness in a social enterprise at HKU

3) Front-of-House Volunteer at Relaxed Theatre – facilitate audience with SEN to enjoy theatre 
    experience (1st Semester, 2018-19)

4) Guided Social Coaching – conduct social skills coaching for peers with social difficulties (2nd Semester, 2018-19)

Note: Students can choose according to their interests and availability.

Peer Impact Network (PIN) 2018-19