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Key Service Opportunities


Service description

HEaRT@cafe330 is a social inclusion platform for HKU students to join. You will have a chance to work as a BARISTA TRAINEE (咖啡師助理) or a CASHIER in cafe330 together with vocational trainees, who are people in recovery of mental illness, from New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association to promote community support for people with mental disabilities. Students are recruited every semester.

Specific requirements

All barista trainees and cashiers should:
1) Be current full-time undergraduate or postgraduate HKU students
2) Be able to read and communicate in Cantonese
3) Attend the orientation, trainings, work weeks and evaluation meeting as listed in the below timetable:

Timetable for 2nd semester in 2018-19:



Barista Trainee

Orientation and Trainings

Orientation of New Life & cafe330

Date:      Feb 18 or 19 or 20, 2019

Time:     6:00-6:30 pm

Venue:   cafe330, HKU

Orientation of New Life & cafe330

Date:      Feb 18 or 19 or 20, 2019

Time:      6:00-6:30 pm

Venue:    cafe330, HKU

Coffee training workshops

Date & Time:

Feb 18, 2019   6:30-8:30 pm: Mini Cupping

Feb 19, 2019   6:30-8:30 pm: Brew Journey

Feb 20, 2019   6:30-8:30 pm: Latte Art

Feb 24, 2019  9:30 am -3:30 pm: Advanced workshop

Venue: cafe330, HKU

Training Fee: $1,231 (Baristas will enjoy a subsidy of $381 from CEDARS-CoPE and are required to pay $850 only.)

Work weeks

Work for 4 hours per week during Feb 25 – Apr 19, 2019 (no work during university holidays and reading week) and achieve a minimum of 80% attendance.

Work schedule can be arranged to fit your own schedule and will be announced on Jan 25, 2019 earliest.

Evaluation meeting

CEDARS’s officer-in-charge and representatives from New Life will conduct an evaluation meeting for student volunteers in the week of Apr 22, 2019.

What will I gain as a Barista Trainee/ Cashier?

§  Deeper understanding of people in recovery of mental illness and their abilities

§  Knowledge about the operation of a social enterprise

§  Work placement and professional work etiquette

§  Facilitating environment to practice your coffee-making, customer service, problem-solving

    and/or communication skills

Learn about what our students say after joining HEaRT@cafe330!

“喺330做完之後領悟到我哋唔應該將同精神病康復者定義為兩種人, 以幫佢嘅心態去同佢接觸, 其實佢都好想我將佢放喺同一個平台上去同佢相處。”- Nelson

“雖然佢曾經有精神病但完全冇影響佢嘅工作能力, 甚至要比我做得更好。”- Bonnie

“佢比我想像中情緒穩定, 而且非常獨立, 可以好好地自己一個完成手頭上嘅工作。”- Queenie

“好感謝330營造咗一個好open同friendly嘅工作環境比我哋一齊做嘢。”- Kate

“喺同人相處方面精神病康復者可能比較怕醜, 冇我咁主動, 可能好多時候都需要我主動啲去關心佢同佢講野, 但其實佢都好希望我去咁樣做, 亦都會好開心。”- Kylie

“同佢嘅溝通方式唔係淨係一味靠問問題,可以多觀察之後同返佢哋講我哋觀察到嘅嘢, 其實會比佢感受到我有一直留意同關心佢。”- Ambrose

“我係主修心理學嘅。雖然喺書上面已經學唔少有關精神病患者嘅知識同溝通方法, 但可以喺現實體驗同實淺到喺書本上學嘅理論係好難得嘅經驗。”- Stephanie

"I would like to first express my gratitude towards the organizers of the Peer Impact Network as it provides us with very precious opportunity of supporting students with Special Education Needs. In addition, I feel extremely lucky, being granted an opportunity to work as a barista at cafe330, and to work with people in recovery from mental illness. You'll gain a deeper understanding of their population, especially if you proactively interact with them. If you have a barista role, that's a plus as they arrange barista training for you, which is super fun! So my advice is, if you do get any downtime during your shift, utilize it as an opportunity to understand your coworkers and the working environment. Good luck everyone!" - Klaus

Environment of cafe330 at HKU:
Environment of cafe330 at HKU

Our 330 barista trainees and cashiers in service:
Photo of student volunteer serving as a cashierPhoto of student volunteer serving foodPhoto of student volunteer brewing coffee

Coffee-making and latte art by our barista trainees:

Key Service Opportunities