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Key Service Opportunities

Study Support

Service description

Students will provide a range of practical support to assist students with SEN in university adjustment and learning throughout the academic year. Some of the support services include:

Familiarizing students with SEN with campus facilities and learning resources 
Providing note-taking service during lectures
Proofreading scanned reading materials
Other ad hoc supports related to learning and adjustment

Specific requirements

All buddies are required to:
Engage in at least ONE of the above services in the semester*

2)    Attend 2 inclusive gatherings; exact time and date will be announced later

Service opportunities are based on demand. From past records, each student served for about 5 hours per semester.

What will I gain through providing study support?

A chance to get in touch with and provide hands-on support to people with disabilities/SEN 
    on campus
·    Deeper understanding of people with disabilities/SEN and their potential
·    Enhanced helping and communication skills
·    Raised awareness and sensitivity of disability-related issues
·    Opportunity to build an inclusive campus through the peer support network


Students conducting study support:

Key Service Opportunities