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Your Commitment and Reward

Your Commitment and Reward 

Commitment requirements

To become an SEN PIN member, you are required to:


Attend a Briefing Session on  Feb 16, 2019 (Sat)*


Participate in at least ONE type of service or programme listed in “Key Service Opportunities” and complete the specific requirement of respective service.


Attend a service reflection session at the end of semester*

As an SEN PIN member, you are welcome to join more than one type of service.

*Valid proof is required if students are not able to attend the Briefing Session or service reflection session


We value your engagement and continuous development. By joining SEN PIN, you will be given:

Ongoing support and guidance from professionals in CEDARS-CoPE

A range of complimentary training to enhance your understanding of people with disabilities/ SEN, and your practical helping skills

To be part of an impact network in which you work with peers with shared vision to strive for an inclusive campus

A ‘Certificate of Service Completion’ will be awarded for students who fulfill ALL the commitment requirements as a recognition of their contribution

CEDARS reward points (please visit CEDARS Reward Scheme for detail)

Training for our student volunteers on Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and HFA (High Functioning Autism):

Evaluation meeting and certificate presentation: 

Your Commitment and Reward