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Sections and Team

Sections and Team

As the one-stop student service and resources centre, and co-curricular learning hub, CEDARS comprises of three Sections and one Programme Team to provide comprehensive student services such as housing, financial support, employment preparation, professional counselling, SEN support as well as a spectrum of co-curricular learning and service opportunities.


Campus Life Section

 Mrs Sylvia WONG,
Director of Campus Life

“We are committed to enabling students to pursue a fruitful and gratifying student life by providing professional student-centred campus support and student services.”

-- Mrs Sylvia WONG
Director of Campus Life




Careers and Placement Section

 Ms Jaime FUNG, Director of Careers and Placement

We are passionate in supporting HKU students to unleash their potential in a modern workplace, explore different career configurations and to upskill continually through diverse career-driven learning experiences.

-- Ms Jaime FUNG
Director of Careers and Placement





Counselling and Person Enrichment Section

 Dr Linda YEUNG, Director of Counselling and Person Enrichment

“We care about students' mental health, psychological well-being and personal growth.  We are dedicated to empowering students to deepen their self-understanding, build fulfilling relationships, capitalise their strengths, and to develop competencies for overcoming challenges and achieving success.

-- Dr Linda YEUNG
Director of Counselling and Person Enrichment




General Education Team

Dr Chi-Chung WONG, Head of General Education Team

We are committed to providing whole-person education and cultivating among students the breadth of knowledge, competencies, and qualities equipping students for the new challenges ahead. We promote the appreciation of cultural diversity and arts, and develop qualities for future compassionate leaders.

-- Dr Chi-Chung WONG
Head of General Education Team