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Special Outing
[Student Hosts Recruitment] Global News Chat – Special Outing:
From Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme to Zero-Waste Lifestyle
Date 日期:  15 Dec 2023
Time 時間: 12:00am - 5:00pm
Summary 內容: The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging scheme, scheduled to be implemented in April 2024, is relevant to every resident of Hong Kong.
In order to better adapt to this new green policy, our special outing programme not only introduces innovative waste handling practices but also explores various methods of waste reduction and recycling in our daily lives. As sustainable and green living is a global concern, students are encouraged to freely share their opinions and exchange ideas on different green policies implemented worldwide.
If you have fascinating ideas on exploring places and practices related to a zero-waste lifestyle, or if you are interested in sharing your personal thoughts on the MSW Charging scheme and green policies, we invite you to join us as a student host to co-curate this outing for your fellow schoolmates.

▍ Details and Application:
▍ Application Deadline: 5pm, 15 Dec 2023 (Fri)

*Student hosts will earn Reward Points under CEDARS Reward Scheme for Students (