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Special Outing
Global News Chat - Special Series: Exploring the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme
Date 日期:  20 Feb 2024
Time 時間: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Venue 地點: GE Gatherland 240 | Tai Po District & Missing Link Tsuen Wan
Speaker(s) 講師: Waste Disposal Academy (Local Community-Project-based Organization)
Yeungs (Local Environmental Educator)
Andy Li (Founder of “Missing Link - Polyfoam Recycling Scheme”)
Lily Ng (BSocSc, Year 5)
Summary 內容: I. Global News Chat:

Is the upcoming MSW Charging Policy just a way to test the public creativity in shirking accountability? Navigating challenges toward public engagement and purpose-orienting implementation.

都市固體廢物收費方案將於八月實施,要求全港所有界別按「污染者自付」原則繳交垃圾收費。垃圾收費不單增加我們日常生活的開支,更衍生出各方面的爭議及挑戰,例如非法傾倒廢物和執法困難。面對全新的環保政策,我們應該如何適應呢?這次,我們邀請到倒垃圾學堂 (@wastedisposalacademy) 的代表、清潔員和環保人士大便妹 (@imsheeppoo) 和我們分享和交流,從不同的角度了解這個切身的議題。


The Municipal Solid Waste Charging (MSW charging) Bill has received its third reading from the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, making it mandatory for all sectors to pay charges for the quantity of waste they dispose of. The implementation date has been postponed to August 1, 2024, after nearly 20 years of discussion in the Council since 2005.
In this session, our student host, Lily, will lead us in evaluating the efficacy of the policy and engaging in a collaborative discussion with a representative from the Waste Disposal Academy, cleaners, and an environmentalist. We will assess its potential opportunities and challenges, including the risk of fly-tipping, issues with enforcement and compliance, and the lack of emphasis on reducing resource consumption.
Join us to prepare for the new waste charging policy!
Student Host:Lily Ng (BSocSc, Year 5)
Guest Speaker: Waste Disposal Academy (Local Community-Project-based Organization)
Yeungs (Local Environmental Educator)

Date: 20/2/2024 (Tue)
Time: 16:30 - 18:00

Venue: GE Gatherland 240 (MB240, 2/F, Main Building)
Language: Cantonese (Simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided upon request by 13/2)
Quota: 30

II. Special Outing:

Learning MSW Charging Scheme through City Walk: Amplify your impact of actions than mere words

Rather than waiting for government intervention, can we, as members of the public, proactively address the imminent challenges associated with the upcoming charging scheme? Following the discussion in Global News Chat, this experiential city walk aims to provide you with a real-life experience to explore the various aspects of waste practices and management in Hong Kong.

Outing Highlights:
  • Visiting both traditional and innovative recycling shops run by the government and private sectors
  • Getting to know the Hong Kong waste management system and current situation by walking through the Tai Po area
  • Experiencing recycling of polyfoam at Missing Link, a polyfoam recycling centre
  • Chatting with Andy Li, the polyfoam recycling pioneer, to discuss the recycling industry and MSW charging in Hong Kong
Student Host:Lily Ng (BSocSc, Year 5)
Guest Speaker: Andy Li (Founder of “Missing Link - Polyfoam Recycling Scheme”)

Date: 24/2/2024 (Sat)
Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Venue: Tai Po District & Missing Link Tsuen Wan Factory
Language: English (Supplemented with Cantonese)
Fee*: $50 (Refundable upon full attendance)
*A one-way shuttle from Tai Po District to the Missing Link Tsuen Wan Factory is included
Bio of Speaker(s) 講者簡介:  
 WDA iconWaste Disposal Academy (Local Community-Project-based Organization)

Waste Disposal Academy, a community education project launched by Caritas Mok Cheung Sui Kun Community Centre last year, which has engaged with a large groups of cleaners in Hong Kong. The aim is to educate students about responsible rubbish disposal and raise awareness about how hard the city’s cleaners work.

 Yeung's iconYeungs (Local Environmental Educator)

Yeungs (well known as 大便妹 on social media) is a passionate environmental educator as well as wastes and marine researcher who has dedicated herself to environmental protection since 2009. She extends her research commitment from Hong Kong to Taiwan, and even to Philippines. In a significant effort to inspire public reflection and action, she has published a popular book titled 「生活給我們上的10堂環保課–我就是要環保過生活」(In English: The 10 Lessons on Environmental Protection Taught by Life – I Am Determined to Live an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle).

 Andy Li icon Andy Li (Founder of “Missing Link - Polyfoam Recycling Scheme”)

Andy Li is the initiator and project director "Missing Link - Polyfoam Recycling Scheme”. Having witnessed the disheartening chaos of wastes in Hong Kong, he returns to Hong Kong after completing his environmental studies in the UK and contributes on frontline of the community.

 Lily icon Lily Ng (BSocSc, Year 5)

Lily is a final year student studying geography as part of her social sciences degree. She is passionate in broad aspects of climate action and has been actively engaged in community education initiatives.