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“A Day in Transition” WMA Film Screening Tour @HKU
《過渡:壹日》WMA學校巡迴放映 - 香港大學
Date 日期:  30 Oct 2018
Time 時間: 6:45pm - 8:15pm
Venue 地點: GE Gatherland 2001 (2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building)
Speaker(s) 講師: Mr. Steven Dhoedt
Dr. Wong Chi Chung
Summary 內容: 「過渡:壹日」短片計劃
WMA (WYNG Media Award) 每年邀請藝術家與攝影師創作,回應香港的社會議題,藉此推動更多對於這個城市的討論、反思和想像。
時值2017年,香港主權移交二十周年,WMA以「過渡」為主題,發起一個實驗項目「WMA 視像 」—— 邀請公眾將香港的「過渡」收窄於2017年7月1日一天內呈現 ,拍攝當下;再由製作人Steven Dhoedt、SEEAHOLE (Dave Kong, Kenji Ma, Eason Yuen) 和Stanley Tam從公眾遞交的短片中取材,配以也斯的詩歌、圖像設計和本地獨立創作的音樂,製作成三組錄像作品,並構成《過渡:壹日》。

合辦單位:WMA 及 香港大學學生發展及資源中心(通識)

About the documentary film  project - “1 July 2017 - A Day in Transition”
Every year, WMA (WYNG Media Award) invites creators to respond to a socially-relevant theme to Hong Kong through a series of non-profit programmes, with the view to inspire reflection, discussion, and imagination on issues important to this city via the visual language.
In 2017, the theme ‘Transition’ was introduced in the context of the 20th anniversary of the change of sovereignty in Hong Kong. The ensuing WMA Film project was an experimental one. The project narrowed the broad theme of ‘Transition’ down to a particular day, 1 July 2017, and invited the public to submit video footage on how they spent the day. Starting with video submissions from the public, filmmakers Steven Dhoedt, SEEAHOLE (Dave Kong, Kenji Ma, Eason Yuen), and Stanley Tam, weaved iconic poetry, graphics & music by local indie artists into three unique moving-image works.
A Day in Transition is a co-created documentary film project which tells the stories of Hong Kong through the eyes of people who know and care about the city.

Co-Presented by: WMA & Centre of Development and Resources for Students, The University of Hong Kong (CEDARS)

Date: 30 Oct 2018 (Tue)
Time: 19:00 - 20:15
Venue: Gatherland 2001 (2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong)
Guests of Post-screening Discussion:
Mr. Steven Dhhoedt
(Filmmaker, Producer and Cinematographer) 
Dr. Wong Chi Chung
(Head of General Education, CEDARS, HKU; Veteran Radio DJ)

Language of Post-screening Discussion: English

Online Registration:
For HKU Students & Staff –  
For Alumni & Public –

Free admission.

Bio of Speaker(s) 講者簡介: Steven Dhoedt is a Belgian filmmaker, producer and cinematographer. In 1998, he moved to Hong Kong which marked the start of a long-lasting love affair with the city. In 2003 he founded VISUALANTICS, a Brussels-based independent production house, focusing on creative documentaries, fiction films and new media projects. He is currently working on The Sound of Seoul, his third feature documentary on South-Korea. Dhoedt is one of the filmmakers in the “1 July 2017 - A Day in Transition” documentary project.