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Public Lecture
Tracey: Special Screening and Discussion
Date 日期:  06 Nov 2018
Time 時間: 3:00pm - 6:15pm
Venue 地點: LE1 (Hui Pun Hing Lecture Hall)
Medium 語言: Cantonese
Speaker(s) 講師: 姜皓文先生 Mr. Philip Keung
李駿碩先生 Mr. Jun Li
廖婉虹女士 Ms. Jacqueline Liu
何家珩博士Dr. Jason Ho
Summary 內容: 作為香港首套以跨性別為題的香港長篇劇情電影,《翠絲》所探討的不只是性小眾的內心世界,還有從性別議題反映出的社會問題及矛盾。香港自稱為亞洲國際都會;然而,這個城市裏的性小眾,是否享有與別人一樣的尊嚴和權利呢?社會對他們夠包容嗎?


Being the first full-length feature film in Hong Kong covering Transgender issues, Tracey attempted to explore gender issues in mental and social terms. Hong Kong positions itself as Asia’s world city. Is everyone here equal in dignity and rights regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity? Does the society hold an inclusive attitude towards the sexual minorities?

Tracey would be officially released as the opening film of this year’s Hong Kong Asian Film Festival in the evening afterwards. 

Date: 6 November 2018 (Tue)
Time: 15:00 – 18:15
Venue: LE1 (Hui Pun Hing Lecture Hall), HKU
Language: Cantonese
> Screening: With Chinese and English Subtitles
> Discussion: Simultaneous Interpretation in English will be provided upon request by 2 Nov

Guests of Post-screening Discussion:
姜皓文先生 Mr. Philip Keung (電影《翠絲》主演)
李駿碩先生 Mr. Jun Li (電影《翠絲》導演)
廖婉虹女士 Ms. Jacqueline Liu (電影《翠絲》監製)

Moderator: 何家珩博士 Dr. Jason Ho (香港大學比較文學系助理教授)

- General Education, CEDARS, HKU
- One Cool Film Production Limited

Supported by: Hong Kong Studies Programme, HKU

Online Registration - for HKU students and staff only:
Official confirmation with admission details will be sent to successful registrants through registered email by 5 Nov (Mon).