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The Past of OCTS: an unfinished legal discussion
Date 日期:  21 Feb 2019
Time 時間: 6:45pm - 8:45pm
Venue 地點: CYPP3, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, HKU
Medium 語言: Cantonese (simultaneous interpretation will be provided upon request by 14/2)
Speaker(s) 講師: Dr. Lee Hoey Simon, MH. 李浩然博士
Mr. Martin Lee Chu-ming SC 李柱銘資深大律師
Moderator: Prof. Johannes Chan SC 陳文敏教授
Summary 內容: 《基本法》起草的諮詢工作,是香港有史以來時間最長、規模最大的諮詢。香港的政治體制、《基本法》解釋權等問題,在當時的社會裏曾經引起激烈討論;但各種觀點之間的差異和矛盾,並不能在《基本法》的草擬過程中完全化解。這些未曾完成的討論,部分隨着一國兩制的實踐而得出答案,部分問題被延擱,部分則繼續在社會上發酵。《基本法》作為同時屬於大陸法和普通法體系的法律文件,中央政府與香港人對於如何將之落實,往往出現不同見解。

The consultation for the drafting of the Basic Law was the longest and largest consultation in Hong Kong history. Questions over Hong Kong’s political system and the power to interpret the Basic Law triggered fierce debate, but the disparities and conflicts among perspectives were not thoroughly resolved during the drafting process. Some of these unresolved questions were answered with the implementation of OCTS, while others were overlooked or have been simmering in the public sphere.
The Basic Law is a legal document pertaining both to the continental and common law systems. The Central People’s Government and Hong Kong people often have different ideas about its implementation.
In this session, we will look back on the discussions that arose from the Basic Law drafting process and we shall analyse the implementation of the Basic Law and the relationship between the two legal systems.
This is part of the ‘One Country, Two Systems: Past, Present and Way Forward’ Forum Series.

General Education, Centre of Development and Resources for Students, The University of Hong Kong
Law Association, HKUSU
Hong Kong Vision Project, HKPRI

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Bio of Speaker(s) 講者簡介: Dr. Lee Hoey Simon, MH. 李浩然博士
Member for the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee and Visiting Researcher at the Tsinghua University Law School, Visiting Fellow at the CCPL, Faculty of Law (2013-2014)
Mr. Martin Lee Chu-ming SC 李柱銘資深大律師
Senior Counsel, Founding Chairman of the Democratic Party
Moderator: Prof. Johannes Chan SC 陳文敏教授
Professor of Law and former Dean of the Faculty of Law, HKU