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Public Lecture
30 Years on after the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Date 日期:  13 Mar 2019
Time 時間: 6:45pm - 8:45pm
Venue 地點: KK101, 1/F, K.K. Leung Building, HKU
Speaker(s) 講師: Dr. C. Roland Vogt
Summary 內容: 2019 marks several anniversaries of global events that shaped the modern history of different countries. Around thirty years ago, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a wave of revolutions occurred across Central and Eastern Europe. Due to severe economic crisis, mass workers’ strikes started in Poland and enabled the Polish labour union, Solidarity, to enter roundtable talks with the government. The end result was a reform of the Polish political system and an end to communist party rule in Poland. Meanwhile, the Iron Curtain dividing Eastern and Western Europe since the end of World War II started to collapse. The most symbolic notorious barrier of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, was eventually dismantled as a result of a series of revolutions in the nearby Eastern Bloc. The reunification process of East and West Germany began at that point. It was a long struggle to reunite two parts of the country, which had huge political and economic disparities.

Learning about the history of a nation helps us to better understand not only its current policies and social phenomena, but also the dynamics of international relations. In this series, scholars are invited to speak on important historical issues at the seminars, followed by discussion sessions led by student hosts.

Seminar 1: 30 Years on after the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Speaker: Dr. C. Roland Vogt (Assistant Professor, European Studies Programme, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU)
Date: 13/3 (Wed)
Time: 18:45 – 20:45
Venue: KK101

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Global News Chat
Student hosts will lead follow-up discussion after the seminars. Participants who are interested in the topics and would like to share personal views and experience are welcome to join.
Dates: 28/3 & 4/4 (Thu)
Time: 16:30 – 18:00
Venue: GE Gatherland2046 (2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building)
For HKU students and staff – 

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