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Cantonese Stand-up Comedy Show
唔好笑就回水 — 免費廣東話棟篤笑
Date 日期:  04 Oct 2019
Time 時間: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Venue 地點: GE Gatherland2046 (2/F, Pao Siu Loong Building)
Summary 內容: 仲未接受到已經開咗Sem嘅你,想唞啖氣笑返下?
繼今年三月,平過深水埗,唔使上淘寶,棟篤笑實驗show。開show成功之後,2018新秀棟篤笑大賽亞軍Nicholas Tam今次同GE合作,再次邀請 Vivek Mahbubani、Tim Chan、Matina Leung等多位爆笑館Comedians齊齊講笑。

Undergraduate student, Nicholas Tam, teams up with Hall of Laughs HK for his second Cantonese comedy show in HKU, featuring local stars such as Vivek Mahbubani, Tim Chan, Matina Leung and more. Come and laugh your heart out and take a break from the semester!

Student Curator:
Nicholas Tam (BSc, Year 4)

Vivek Mahbubani fb: @funnyVivekM
Tim Chan fb:@chanloktim.comedy
Matina Leung fb:@matinaleung.comedian
司馬丁 fb: @trulymadlyfunny
Anson Chung

Date: 4/10 (Fri)
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Venue: GE Gatherland2046
Language: Cantonese

▍Online registration starts at 10:00 on 5/9 (Thu)
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