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Working with Workers: An Insight into Hong Kong’s Wondrous Working Class
Date 日期:  16 Sep - 04 Oct 2019
Time 時間: 9:30am - 6:15pm
Venue 地點: GE Gatherland
Speaker(s) 講師: Iqra Abbasi is a Year 2 Engineering student at the University of Hong Kong. Drawing ever since she could hold a pen, she seeks to bring obscure, hazy subjects to the forefront of attention through the medium she knows best- paint. Through intertwining the field of engineering with art, Iqra hopes to cement the gap currently existing between the two polarizing disciplines.
Summary 內容: Curator’s Art Exhibition
Working with Workers: An Insight into Hong Kong’s Wondrous Working Class

The outdoors is a cutthroat place to be in. With shoves, yells, beeps, and bumps, most of us scurry ahead without paying much heed to our ambiance. It's no wonder, then, that the peculiar community of construction workers goes unnoticed. Their brilliantly bright ensemble against Hong Kong's murky browns and blacks have inspired me to capture and retell their stories. Through oil, acrylic, and everything in between, I have translated their hours of toil and labour and their love for a familial community to tangible artwork. Join me as I, with the help of a dozen canvases, explore the lifestyle, oddities, and intricacies of the society that glues Hong Kong together.

Curator/Painter: Iqra Abbasi (BEng(EngSc), Year 2)
Period: 16/9 (Mon) – 4/10 (Fri) (09:30 – 18:15 on weekdays)
Opening: 19:00 – 20:30, 16/9 (Mon)
Venue: GE Gatherland (2/F Pao Siu Loong Building)

Online registration for the Opening Event starts at 10:00 on 5/9 (Thu)
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