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Public Forum
Urban Edible Spaces and Sustainable Communities
Date 日期:  22 Feb 2021
Time 時間: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue 地點: conducted online
Summary 內容: Since 2013, Mr Mathew Pryor has been researching the potential of urban edible spaces in high density cities like Hong Kong. While it may not be realistic for urban productive gardens to tackle the issue of food sufficiency in Hong Kong, research has found out that there are significant social benefits, such as raising awareness of sustainable living and enhanced community interactions through activities held at such spaces. In this forum, Mr Pryor, one of the founding members of the HKU Rooftop Farm and a member of the KE Project: “Urban Edible Spaces Initiative: Growing Food and Happiness in a Sustainable Community” will host this session and share his findings on how urban productive gardens can help to build sustainable communities and cities. Joining Mr Pryor, are local and regional experts, Ms Idy Wong from Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, and Ms Cuifen Pui from Foodscape Collective, Singapore to share their insights and experience with us.

This programme is part of the Impact Project "Urban Edible Spaces Initiative: Growing Food and Happiness in a Sustainable Community" under the Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Scheme 2020/21. This KE project is co-organised by CEDARS-GE and the Sustainability Office.

自2013年起,彭文輝先生一直研究「可食空間」在香港這樣的高密度城市的可能性。雖然都市可食空間仍未能解決糧食生產、自給等問題,他的研究發現都市可食空間能達致促進社區之間的互動性,提升社區對可持續發展的認識,等等的社會效益。彭先生亦是香港大學天台農場及香港大學知識交流項目「都市可食空間倡議:可持續發展社區中的食物種植與快樂提升」的創辦成員之一。這節研討會,他會與大家分享他的研究成果,探討都市可食空間對於建立可持續發展社區及城市的可能性。同場我們邀請到嘉道理農場暨植物園的王麗賢女士,及新加坡 Foodscape Collective 的 Ms Cuifen Pui 分享她們的經驗及見解。


▍Host and Speaker 主持及講者:
- Mr. Mathew Pryor 彭文輝先生
Head of the Division of Landscape Architecture and Associate Professor (Teaching), Faculty of Architecture, HKU
香港大學園境建築學部主任學部主任、 副教授

▍Guest Speakers 嘉賓:

- Ms. Idy Wong 王麗賢女士
Head of Sustainable Living and Agriculture, KFBG

- Ms. Pui Cuifen
Co-founder Foodscape Collective, Singapore
新加坡 Foodscape Collective 聯合創辦人

Date 日期 : 22/2/2021 (Mon 星期一)
Time 時間 : 18:30 – 20:30
Format 形式 : Conducted online 網上進行

Language 語言 : English (simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese will be provided) 英語及廣東話即時傳譯

Online registration 網上報名:
► HKU Students and Staff 港大學生或職員 - 
► Alumni and Public 舊生或公眾人士 - 
Bio of Speaker(s) 講者簡介: Mathew PryorMr. Mathew Pryor

Mathew Pryor is Head of the Division of Landscape Architecture and an Associate Professor (Teaching) within HKU’s Faculty of Architecture. He teaches Design Studio as well as technical courses in professional practice, planting and ecology and sustainable development practices. Mathew is a Fellow and Past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects, and Chair of their Publications Committee. He is also a Registered Landscape Architect in Hong Kong, and a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute in the UK. He is also a Certified Arborist.

Idy WongMs. Idy Wong 王麗賢女士

Wong Lai Yin, Idy (Head of Sustainable Living and Agriculture) is responsible for the management of the Sustainable Living and Agriculture Department, including developing local organic production and raising public support for a low ecological footprint lifestyle. Idy is a trained environmental educator and specialised on sustainable development. She joined KFBG in 2000.

Pui CuifenMs. Pui Cuifen

A former scientist, Cuifen is crafting a new life path. She is a founding member of the Foodscape Collective ecosystem and co-leads community initiatives that pilot regenerative practices centered around food, nature, and people. She runs a business that aims to bring the ecosystem's talents and knowledge to schools, businesses, and communities. Food is a lens through which Cuifen uncovers ways to live sustainably as a responsible human. Cuifen informally engaged with communities since 2013 and enjoys connecting with people at a deeper level. She is passionate about heritage, storytelling, and creative expression.