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Back-to-Live Gig (featuring HKU Singing Contest 2022 finalists)
Date 日期:  06 Oct 2022
Time 時間: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Venue 地點: Happy Park (Sun Yat-sen Place)*
Summary 內容: 「人沒法放鬆所以就快瘋,傳說中有演唱會也都暫緩⋯⋯ 」
這數年反反覆覆的疫情,徹底打亂我們的日常,除了讓我們錯失很多與摯親見面的機會,亦令我們錯過了很多欣賞現場演出的機會。這個學期,通識(CEDARS-GE)聯同港大音樂社將同學們期待已久的Live Music帶回校園,更邀請了一眾HKU Singing Contest 2022的Finalists現身,為同學們傾力演出,發放音樂力量!
“Just wanna go back to the way life used to be…”
The persistent COVID -19 situation over the past years has inevitably limited our ability to hold gatherings and entertainment events, and so many experiences have inevitably become virtual. Collaborated by CEDARS-GE and HKU Music Club, this gig featuring our talented HKU Singing Contest 2022 finalists, the Contest Finale @ Loke Yew Hall was canceled due to the severe Fifth Wave of the Pandemic, will reconnect us “in-person” again and dazzle the challenging times by the performers’ enchanting songs and tunes around the campus.

Performed by:
Chan Wing Huen, Stephanie & Tse Tsz Ching, Claris  
BBA (Law) & LLB Year 2

Cheng Yiu Tak, Edwin
BSocSc (PPA) Year 4

Cheung Kwan Yui, Clare
MBBS Year 3

Chu Yin Yau, Yoyo

PhD (Earth Science)

Lam Man Yu, Emily & Wong Siu Cheuk, Cherrie

BSW Year 4 & BSC Year 4 

Lin On Ching, BG.Lock

BSC Year 4

Shin Wan Chung, Shin
MBBS Year 6

Bianca Katelyn Warren, Katie
BSocSci Year 2

*In case of bad weather, the event venue will be changed to K.K. Leung Concourse (G/F, K.K. Leung Building). Please check our IG ( for the latest update.