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Keen Lyricist Quest – Lyrics Writing Competition 2022-2023 
Date 日期:  30 Nov 2022
Time 時間: 12:00am - 12:00am
Summary 內容: 《「堅詞」創作》歌詞創作比賽 2022-2023
Keen Lyricist Quest
– Lyrics Writing Competition




In Sep and Oct 2022, Keen Lyricist Quest invited seasoned practitioners in the popular music industry to share their experience and insights into creativity and lyrics writing in seminars and workshops.

To further encourage lyrics writing and enhance students’ interest and appreciation of the use of language in the art of lyrics writing, in both Chinese and English, Keen Lyricist Quest is going to organise a Lyrics Writing Competition to provide a platform for students to publish their works at HKU.

All HKU students are welcome to submit their works to the Lyrics Writing Competition. The submission can be written based on existing pop songs (adaptation) or original music. All music genres are welcome.

The outstanding works selected by the professional jury will be published at our Outstanding Works Showcase in 2023. Professional singers and student groups will be invited to perform the winning works; the winners can also perform their own works.

比賽賽程Competition Schedule
Application Period
1 Nov (Tue) – 30 Nov 2022 (Wed)
Submission Deadline
6 Jan 2023 (Fri)
Judging & Voting Period on social media platforms
16 Jan (Mon) – 20 Jan 2023 (Fri)
Announcement of Results
30 Jan 2023 (Mon)
Outstanding Works Showcase
2 Mar 2023 (Thu)

Prizes* (cash vouchers)
Group 1: OriginalChampion (1)HK$2,500
 1st Runner up (1)HK$1,800
 2nd Runner up (1)HK$1,200
Group 2: AdaptationChampion (1)HK$2,000
 1st Runner up (1)HK$1,500
 2nd Runner up (1)HK$1,000
* All winners will be awarded a certificate. If the winning works are submitted by co-creators, the co-winners shall decide on the distribution of prize.

評審 Judges
1) Professional Lyricists
  • 陳詠謙 Chan Wing Him
  • 鄭敏 Cheng Man
  • Ghost Style
  • 黃靖 Jing Wong
  • 小克 Siu Hak
  • 呂甜 Tim Lui
2) Organiser
  • General Education Team of CEDARS (CEDARS-GE)
Guidelines on submission of lyrics (*Updated*)
  1. This competition is open to HKU students only.
  2. The entries are divided into 2 groups – original and adaptation. The submission can be written based on existing pop songs (adaptation) or original music.
  3. All music genres are welcome. Language is limited to Chinese (Cantonese/Putonghua) or English.
  4. Each student can submit up to 2 entries, either be an individual work or a group work with a co-creator who is also a current HKU student.
  5. For group work, the maximum no. of students per group is 2. It can be a collaboration of lyrics or music plus lyrics. For example, student A collaborates with student B for writing lyrics in a group; student C creates music while student D writes lyrics in another group. 
  6. Previously published works are not accepted.
  7. Any types of the following entries shall be disqualified in the competition:
  • Any form of plagiarism
  • Any entries that infringe the copyright of any third party
  • Any entries that contain content of violence, obscenity and profanity
  • Any entries that may be insulting, defamatory or discriminatory
  • Any entries that may be be commercial-driven promoting someone, some products or services, etc.
  1. All final submissions may be published on the website, social media platforms, and /or other digital / web-based platforms of CEDARS-GE for promotional and archival purposes.
  2. In case of any disputes, CEDARS-GE reserves the right of final decision.
Application form (Current HKU Students only): 
▶Deadline for application*: 23:59, 30 Nov 2022 (Wed)
▶Deadline for submission of lyrics: 23:59, 6 Jan 2023 (Fri)

*Interested students can complete the application form starting from 1 Nov till 30 Nov 2022 and submit written lyrics by 6 Jan 2023.