Hall of Wisdom: John Tsang
Hall of Wisdom: John Tsang

Co-presented by GE and RTHK since 2016, the lecture series, Hall of Wisdom has been well received by students and the public, and the programme ranked among the top ten programmes in the “2016 TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey”. This semester, we continue this prominent programme and bring masters from different sectors to HKU to share their stories. Note that mindless replication of past success will not make you successful. We invite you to ask questions, refresh yourselves with their drive and dynamism, and turn their experiences into invaluable wisdom. You can use this knowledge transfer to make your contribution to your continued success, in all aspects of your lives.
The half-hour highlights of Hall of Wisdom will be broadcast every Sunday at 22:00 on RTHK TV 31 starting 21/10/2018 (Sun), and every Wednesday at 18:00 on TVB Jade, starting 24/10/2018 (Wed), while the full versions will be broadcast every Saturday at 13:00 on RTHK TV 31 starting 5/1/2019 (Sat).

Speaker: Mr. John Tsang 曾俊華先生 (前財政司司長)
Date: 13/9 (Thu)
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: Yuet Ming Auditorium, CYMCC (MAP)
Language: Cantonese

Moderator: Mr. Law Wing Chung (羅永聰先生)
Venue Partner: CYMCC
Co-organiser: RTHKTV31
Website: RTHK web
Logo calligraphy: 青山不墨

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Talk (13 Sep 2018)

John Tsang was the longest-serving Financial Secretary in Hong Kong. During his 2017 Chief Executive candidacy, Tsang was popular with the people but not the voters. He was educated in the U.S., yet his approach in handling Hong Kong’s fiscal reserves was considered as conservative. He was once regarded as an official with his head in the clouds, but also the most down-to-earth CE contender. Which one is the ‘real’ John Tsang?
This is the second episode of Hall of Wisdom in the First Semester, 2018 – 2019.

Moderator: Mr. Law Wing Chung 羅永聰先生
Venue Partner: Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre, Centre of Development and Resources for Students, The University of Hong Kong

Please refer to the map for the event venue, Yuet Ming Auditorium, CYMCC, HKU.

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For HKU students and staff - https://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_regform.aspx?ueid=59315
For alumni and public - https://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_regform.aspx?guest=Y&ueid=59316
Speaker(s) 講師: Mr. John Tsang 曾俊華先生
Medium 語言: Cantonese