Your Letters to Hong Kong 2030
The programme GE2019-40 Your Letters to Hong Kong is cancelled. Enrolled students will be contacted by email for the full refund in due course.



We are now in the year 2030 – a loved one has been away from Hong Kong for the last decade. He or she has asked you to give your impression of what life is like now, what you have experienced over the last few years, how you and your family have coped with changes, and how you imagine Hong Kong might become in the next decade or so.

In this two-session workshop, you will imagine yourself writing a letter (either in English or Chinese) to your loved one in 2030. The speakers will guide you to inject your (imagined) personal experience, hopes and fears, and your dreams in light of what you envision will happen in Hong Kong from now to 2030. Where possible the letter should relate how these developments impacted on you, (your family, and your friends); vignettes of your personal life will spice up the composition.

- Ms. Michelle Ng 吳若琦女士
  Bilingual writer (English and Chinese) English writing coach
- Mr. Wong Fei Pang 黃飛鵬先生
  Film Director
- Mr. Chris Yeung 楊健興先生
  Chief Writer, CitizenNews

Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
Michelle NgMs. Michelle Ng 吳若琦女士
Michelle was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. She received her schooling at the Diocesan Girls’ School, The University of Hong Kong (where she studied law) and Oxford University (where she read philosophy). Upon graduation, she spent a decade in Mainland China working for multinational, Hong Kong and Mainland companies in the business and media sectors. She then returned to Hong Kong and is currently a writer on culture and politics. She also offers private English writing lessons, her students comprising of both those still in school and those in the corporate world keen on improving their English communication skills. Her writings can be found on

Wong Fei PangMr. Wong Fei Pang 黃飛鵬先生
Wong Fei Pang is a co-directing Hong Kong Film Awards Best Picture Ten Years (Hong Kong). He is an independent director and the producer of the Japan-Hong Kong-Korea co-production The Murders of Oiso which premiered in the Busan International Film Festival in 2019.

Chris YeungMr. Chris Yeung 楊健興先生
Chris Yeung, a veteran journalist, is Chief Writer of CitizenNews. He formerly worked with the South China Morning Post and the Hong Kong Economic Journal. He writes regularly on Greater China and political issues. He is the Chairperson of The Hong Kong Journalists Association Executive Committee 2019 – 2020.