Music Salon: Re-Tune
Regrettably, our Music Salons in the First Semester, like many other music events in Hong Kong, were cancelled, due to the local social unrests. Now it’s time to re-wind the fun and joy of music stories and friendship; and re-spin the intellectual swirls via music. Let’s re-kindle the spark of our music lives! Our moody atmosphere and audiophile sound system are all re-set and ready for you.

 1. Taiwan Tunes (3/2) This session was cancelled.
Upon return from the Taiwan Elections Study Tour, we will share with you the latest music and happenings there. You may of course bring in your favorite choices too.
Guest: 江慧楓 Kong Wai Fung, Venus (Radio DJ and Taiwan music lover)

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 2. Jazz Reunited (3/3) This session was cancelled.
This session has been re-scheduled a couple of times already, in view of the upheavals. We will bring back our guest speaker/performer to guarantee an enjoyable session filled with the love of jazz.
Guest: Alan Kwan (Jazz guitarist, composer and educator)

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 3. Welcome Back Professor Ryuichi Sakamoto (26/3) This session will be cancelled.
After years of planning, Maestro Sakamoto will be back in early April 2020 to perform in Hong Kong for the first time since 2007. Let’s revisit his amazing and eclectic music journey with many first-hand tales.

Remarks: Ryuichi Sakamoto will not be presented in this session, only his masterpieces will be revisited. 

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 4. Audiophile Gallery Field Trip (16/4) This session will be cancelled.
Another rescheduling of the long-awaited visit of the award-winning music showroom in Central. Light lunch will be provided while we enjoy the superb sound and vision.

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- Dr. Wong Chi Chung Elvin 黃志淙博士
  Head of General Education, CEDARS, HKU; Veteran Radio DJ

Updated Dates: 6/4 (Mon), 16/4 (Thu) & 7/5 (Thu) All sessions are cancelled. 
Time: 17:00 – 19:00 (6/4 & 7/5) & 12:00 – 14:00 (16/4)
Venue: GE Gatherland2001 & KEF Gallery
Language: English

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** Registrants are required to register with their full name as on the HKID card/passport. Security may check the relevant event registration confirmation and identity documents at campus entrance.

Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
Dr. Wong Chi Chung Elvin 黃志淙博士

Veteran DJ on Commercial Radio 2 for 30 years promoting international and local indie music. Chi Chung has been hosting lectures and concerts at GE since 2000 and became the Assistant Director of General Education in 2011 and Head of General Education in 2018. He has curated a wide array of GE events as well as cross-cultural projects, such as David Bowie’s Mandarin song (1997), Gen-S Concert, Shanghai Expo (2010), HK Week @ Taipei (2012), collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto on async (2017) etc.
江慧楓 Kong Wai Fung, Venus


Venus obtained her Associate degree in Media Communication from the Hong Kong Baptist University College of International Education and joined CRHK since 2015. She is currently the host of music programmes, including “Maple Swing” and “Begin with Music”. She is fascinated by the music and culture from Taiwan. She had conducted interviews at the Golden Melody Awards, and had interviewed singers/artists/musicians for her programmes, such as Crowd Lu, Yoga Lin, Tanya Chua, 9m88, Eric Chou, and Yoyo Sham.
Alan Kwan

Alan Kwan is a jazz guitarist, composer, and educator who is currently based in New York City.
Kwan has performed or recorded with a number of well-known jazz musicians including Eugene Pao, Ted Lo, Stefan Karlsson, Dayna Stephens, Fabian Almazan, Linda May Oh, Johnathan Blake, Orlando Le Fleming, Glenn Zaleski, Paul Bollenback, Rogerio Boccato, Sean Wayland, David Smith, Daiki Yasukagawa, Kazu Kumagai (international tap dancer) and Rich Huang with performances ranging from jazz gigs, stage performances to outdoor performances.