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Global News Chat
Global News Chat
We are living in a globalised world with news circulating across the Internet and social media in an instant. Just by tapping your smartphone, you can catch a glimpse of the latest news happening thousands of miles away. To facilitate some in-depth understanding and discussion on significant international and regional news, Global News Chat invites students from various backgrounds to share their personal views and insights on the issues that they care about.

If you want to hear and share the latest developments on the topics below and how they are related to you, please do not miss this chance. Register and join us on Global News Chat! Prior knowledge about the issues is not required; come along and learn more from our HKU peers.

#Session 1 – Winter Is Coming: Where is the Ukraine War Headed? (19/10)
It has been more than half a year since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and it is no denying that the European Union (EU) had reacted quickly since the start of the war. Now that Ukraine is an official candidate to enter it, though the accession to the EU could take several years, could it be a turning point?

The war also placed a significant impact on energy prices. Ukrainian President Zelensky warned in his speech in late August that the coming winter will be the hardest in Ukrainian history due to high gas prices. At the same time, the EU is in the midst of an unprecedented and worsening energy crisis.

In this session, two Journalism students Kunling and Teo, have initiated to discuss how EU member states had reacted to Ukraine’s accession to the EU, the process of entering the EU, how Ukrainians are preparing for the coming winter, the energy crisis in Europe, and some of the reasons behind it. Dr. Aditi Jhaveri, Senior Lecturer from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, will also join this discussion to share tips for learning languages in news and media.


在首節的Global News Chat,兩位新聞系的學生Kunling和Teo會從烏克蘭加入歐盟的進程及歐洲正在面對的能源危機,多重角度剖析俄烏戰爭的出路。


#Session 2 – Gender Issues of Female Images Created by Media (4/11)

Nowadays, media have the power to shape what we see and how we think. The female, used to be unfairly neglected as the “second sex” become unprecedentedly visible and exposed to the public. However, the ways media portrayed women are sometimes controversial and might even strengthen the stereotype or involve gender discrimination, even though this could be hidden. A typical example is the male gaze in films. How can we define these media stereotypes of the female? How can we identify them? Should the media take responsibility? And what roles can we play as social media content makers/users ?

In this session, our student host Charlotte will talk about phenomenon of gender stereotypes created by media consciously or unconsciously. Guest speaker Sonia Wong, a founder of Reel Women HK, co-founder of WFHK and a Gender Studies Scholar, will also be invited to share her thoughts on this topic.


在第二節的Global News Chat,新聞系學生Charlotte會談論媒體如何有意識或無意識地塑造女性定型,而性別研究學者及「女影香港」創辦人黃鈺螢(Sonia)亦會到場分享她的想法,跟大家一起解讀媒體、解構性別。


Date: 19/10/2022 (Wed), 4/11/2022 (Fri)
Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Venue: MB221, 2/F, Main Building

Date Time Venue
19 Oct 2022 16:30 - 18:30 MB221, 2/F, Main Building
04 Nov 2022 16:30 - 18:30 MB221, 2/F, Main Building