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GEST Training - Subtitling Workshops
GEST Training - Subtitling Workshops

舉例如果要你在電影中翻譯「關公」、「包公」成為英語,如何譯才能讓外國人明白當中含義? Google Translate 就會譯成 'Guan Gong' 、 'Bao Gong',這個看似翻譯神器卻無法表達當中精髓。但電影《毒舌大狀》中,字幕翻譯員就把它譯成  'Captain America' 和 'Batman',成功突顯「關公」和「包公」所象徵的公義。

Good subtitling not only maximises audiences’ comprehension and engagement but also provides accessibility for different foreign-language viewers with diverse cultural backgrounds as well as those who are unable to watch a video with sound. However, what makes for “good” subtitles? This workshop series will cover the skills to create engaging subtitles from Chinese to English and English to Chinese direction in the media and entertainment industries, and also the mechanism and practices of the profession.
導師 Instructor:區劍龍先生 Mr. Au Kim Lung
日期 Dates:15/3/2023 & 22/3/2023 (Wed)
時間 Time:18:45 - 20:45
地點 Venue:KB132, 1/F, Knowles Building, HKU
語言 Language:Cantonese
Registration starts on 19/1/2023 (Thu) 10:00:

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Date Time Venue
15 Mar 2023 18:45 - 20:45 KB132
22 Mar 2023 18:45 - 20:45 KB132
Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
Au Kim Lung區劍龍先生 Mr. Au Kim Lung


Currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Linguistics and Translation of City University of Hong Kong with research interests in translation studies, audio-visual translation, commercial translation, and financial translation, plus a number of years of experience in teaching subtitling and other forms of audio-visual translation.