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Music Salon
Music Salon
Session #1 – 30/01/2024 (Tue)
A Way to Reflect, A Way to Express: Authenticity, Creativity & Originality in Music Culture

Authenticity, creativity, and originality are the lifeblood of music. Music has always been a powerful way for reflection and self-expression, allowing artists to convey their emotions and experiences. Let’s co-curate a playlist of a wide variety of music genres, from Vinyl to CD to Digital files.

Date:30/01/2024 (Tue)
Time:16:30 – 18:30
Venue:GE Gatherland 240 (MB240, 2/F, Main Building, HKU)

Session #2 – 21/03/2024 (Thu)
Always a Legend: Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto, a true musical visionary, has continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity, blended genres, and transcended traditional musical conventions throughout his career. In addition to his remarkable talent as a music pioneer, Sakamoto's activism and advocacy on environmental and social issues have further solidified his legacy. 2024.03.28 will be the first anniversary of his passing. Let’s cherish and learn from his music treasures.

Date:21/03/2024 (Thu)
Time:16:30 – 18:30
Venue:GE Gatherland 240 (MB240, 2/F, Main Building, HKU)


Special Recommendation – 06 & 07/04/2024 (Sat & Sun)
A Music Getaway: IMAGINELAND 天空草地 @ Victoria Park

April is always a bustling time for most of the HKUers, yet it is also a great timing for having a music getaway from tons of assignments, papers, and mid-terms. Join us and immerse yourself into the melodies of singer-songwriters. Let their music transport you from the chaos of life to a place of tranquility and inspiration.

Imagineland 天空草地 is a mega outdoor music carnival combining music, film, fashion, and arts technology elements.

Date:06 & 07/04/2024 (Sat & Sun)
Time:12:00 - 22:00
Venue:Central Lawn, Victoria Park 維多利亞公園中央草坪

FREE ADMISSION, First Come First Chill!

Imagineland 1Imagineland 2

Date Time Venue
30 Jan 2024 16:30 - 18:30 GE Gatherland 240 (MB240, 2/F, Main Building)
21 Mar 2024 16:30 - 18:30 GE Gatherland 240 (MB240, 2/F, Main Building)
Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
Chi ChungDr. Chi Chung WONG 黃志淙博士 (@ccchoice)

Dr. Wong Chi Chung is formerly the Head of General Education at HKU (2011-2023). He is now the curator/host at ccc/pop/up/space@art/home (@cccpopupspace) hosting various music, pop culture, arts events and exhibitions. He is also a veteran Radio DJ/Voice Artist/Arts & Cultural Critic/Curator/Educator. Focusing on global music and local pop/indie music culture, he plays an active role in promoting arts/culture/holistic lifestyles through Radio/TV and Social Media. Various cross-cultural curation and projects includes David Bowie’s Mandarin song A Fleeting Moment (1997), Dream Come True 80 Days Around the World (2000), PoPo Song @ Real World Studios (2004), James Wong Study (2005), Centennial Exhibition of Chinese Records (2006), Hong Kong Pop/Performing Culture: Creativity and Dynamics (2007), Farewell Ka Kui 15th Anniversary (2008), Gen-S Concert for Shanghai Expo (2010), and Hong Kong Week in Taipei (2012), Ryuichi Sakamoto's album async (2017), Heritage Museum (HK Pop 60+ : Canto Pop Oral History) (2021).
Chi Chung currently hosts the radio music show Chi Chung’s Choice on CR2/903, chants in his mindful music group i_is_one; and rides his new surf, ccc pop/up/space @ Art/Home, and teaches in different campuses, so on so forth.
黃志淙博士曾任香港大學通識教育總策劃 (2011-2023) ,資深電台DJ/聲音藝術家/音樂/文化/策展/教育人。多年來,他致力透過電台電視等媒介推廣本地和國際文化藝術,着眼國際音樂和本地音樂文化,曾策劃多個跨文化項目,包括大衛寶兒的國語歌《剎那天地》(1997)、《八十日環遊世界音樂蜜月》(2000)、《抱抱歌》(2004)、《黃霑書房》 (2005)、《中國唱片百年展》 (2006)、《香港流行演藝文化: 創意與動力展》(2007)、《別了家駒15載》 (2008)、上海世博《唱作世代》音樂會 (2010) 和台北香港週《唱作世代》音樂會 (2012)、坂本龍一 《async》大碟 (2017)、香港文化博物館 (廣東歌口述歷史)(2021)。
斜槓族志淙目前主持商業電台903節目《Chi Chung’s Choice》、 i_is_one靈性音樂組合成員、 ccc pop/up/space@Art/Home策展人、以及在不同校園分享音樂/人生等等……