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In the second semester, with the theme of “a_way_”, we believe that difficulties will always pass, and we will always find a way…… Perhaps, we can start by watching a movie?

Filmtastic will continue to collaborate with student hosts and curate multiple programmes which allow movie lovers to gather and share, or maybe find their answers in movies. We sincerely invite all movie lovers to join with us!

Disney Mania: Journeys of Imagination and Transformation




Disney, a fascinating world built upon countless cartoon characters and animations, offers a whimsical movie experience allowing people to immerse themselves in an imaginative world.

This semester, Filmtastic takes on the theme of “Disney Mania: Journeys of Imagination and Transformation”, and invite all HKU students to join with us to enter the fantastical world of Disney.
Registration starts on 18 Jan (Thu) at 10:00.

2/2 (Fri)
沖天救兵 Up (97mins) | English | Student Host: Sonny So (MSc Year 1)

6/2 (Tue)
騎呢大帝 The Emperor's New Groove (78mins) | English | Student Host: Evina Dai (BA Year 2)

27/2 (Tue)
優獸大都會 Zootopia (108mins) | Cantonese | Student Host: EnYu Yap (BSc Year 3)

Time:18:30 – 21:00
Venue:GE Gatherland 221 (MB221, 2/F, Main Building, HKU)
Language:Cantonese or English
Quota: 20 per session

Date Time Venue
02 Feb 2024 18:30 - 21:00 GE Gatherland 221 (MB221, 2/F, Main Building, HKU)
06 Feb 2024 18:30 - 21:00 GE Gatherland 221 (MB221, 2/F, Main Building, HKU)
27 Feb 2024 18:30 - 21:00 GE Gatherland 221 (MB221, 2/F, Main Building, HKU)
Bio of Instructor(s) 導師簡介:
host1EnYu Yap (BSc Year 3)

Meet En Yu, the dynamic moderator of the Filmtastics. Donning a lab coat by day as a year 3 chemistry student, En Yu unleashes her passion for films and sparks vibrant conversations about the silver screen. With popcorn in one hand and film trivia in the other, she effortlessly blends her life with her love for cinema. From analyzing storytelling to dissecting on-screen chemistry, En Yu infuses every discussion with a dash of curiosity and a whole lot of movie magic. Get ready for an amazing film experience like no other!
host2Evina Dai (BA Year 2)

Meet Evina, the latest host of Filmtastic. She is eager to share with all of you her passion for movies and discuss her favourite films. She respects and appreciates the art of cinema, but also believes in watching movies just to have a good time. She has watched Top Gun: Maverick six times and can talk to you about Tom Cruise for hours. Come join the session, should you choose to accept it...
host3Sonny So (MSc Year 1)

Meet Sonny, the host of Filmtastic who always asks why. Other than analysing data to understand life and reality, Sonny likes consolidating principles from relatable movie scenes and discussing the deeper meanings of them. Sonny believes the best storytelling is about presenting the audiences with a scenario or a situation that the audiences conclude the message themselves and reflect their own values, beliefs and principles. Come watch a movie together adding a bit of intention.