F:A:C:E: - Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences
F:A:C:E = Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences

What is F:A:C:E:?
F:A:C:E: is more than a project and a scheme.
It is our dream: to enrich campus life and learning with more intimate, interactive, vivid and face-to-face encounters of arts and culture.

What are our goals?
We aim to build a platform to gather those who would love to know, get in touch with, and look for peers. In other words, this is another social network.

What do we provide?
We have invited a list of partners from a wide spectrum of fields: active participants in creative, cultural, artistic, and media worlds. The common thread is that they all passionately embrace arts and culture. They represent a myriad of multi-cultural and international experiences and values. They will bring in performances, seminars, courses, and workshops at various entry points of learning and understanding.

F:A:C:E: Mentorship Programme has also invited our partners to become mentors and you can learn from them, ‘Up Close and Personal’.

Subsidies are a part of our resources to help you fulfill your dreams. If money is a problem, we can help, with ticket discounts, support for creative and/or performance projects, and sponsorships.

What can you do?
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please tell us. This is only the beginning; we will definitely want to grow and prosper.

If you are interested, please become a member of F:A:C:E. As a part of F:A:C:E you will find far more than “The Five Matters of University Life”.

It is a matter of choice, your choice; and you are the one who can make a difference to your own life and the lives of others.

F:A:C:E: 是個尋夢園。

我們希望,文化藝術成為校園生活的必要養分。You may say, “ I'm a dreamer”, but you are not the only one。F:A:C:E:是一群追夢者的大膽嘗試,如果你也是追夢者,如果你欣賞精彩表演/展覽/作品過後,思潮起伏、振奮不已,卻苦無分享對 象,F:A:C:E:正是你的歸宿,讓志同道合者不再孤單。




‘Let each man exercise the art he knows’ (Aristophanes)

‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’ (Pablo Picasso)
Latest Programmes (Second Semester, 2018-19):