GE Programmes - Summer 2020
Programme Title
A Creative Journey to the Heart - Balancing Body, Mind and Soul
劉天明先生 Mr. Lau Tin-ming
Today is the first day of the rest of your life and you can make it better. Having ...

Turning the Searchlight Inward: A Different Kind of Book Club
梁君逸先生 Mr. Alex Leung
***Registration quota is full***這是一個不一樣的讀書會。文本只是起點,如何和讀者的生命經驗連結,在彼此分享過程中了解自己更多,亦在聆聽他人時建立同理 ...

On Empty Classroom
和林奕華一起創作 之 一人有一個課室
Mr. Edward Lam(Artistic Director, Edward Lam Theatre; Theatre Director)  

你可能不認識誰是林奕華,但沒有關係,如果你不介意讓他來認識你,或,通過他的創意來讓你更認識自己。二零二零年的夏天和所有暑假最不一樣,是從以往的「暫別了,課室」變成「好久不見,課室」 ...

Global Meals Chat
Even though we are in a lockdown and can’t travel elsewhere in these days, ...

Writing Workshop - Words To Our Way
Mr. Nicholas Wong 黃裕邦先生

Dr. Jessica Yeung 楊慧儀博士 
Since last summer, Hong Kong has been unwittingly traversing in a vortex.  What ...