Non-credit Bearing General Education Programmes for the Second Semester, 2020 – 2021

Who or what would you place in this blank space?
A person? A place? A pet? A year? A time?
Realistic? Imaginary? Surreal?

The theme of GE Programmes this semester is “Dear _____”. We hope to explore the relationships with our homes, with our loved ones, and with ourselves, especially in the world seriously disrupted by the pandemic.
We continue to offer GE programmes on a wide spectrum for students with different interests and aspirations. You are welcome to join our unique HKUer Journey in 2021. Let us all hope and work together for a better, brighter, and safer 2021 and beyond!

Online Enrolment
starts on 20 Jan (Wed) 10:00
Enrolment links will be available in respective programme webpages

Programme Title
We Are the World
A series of interdisciplinary study of local, regional, and global issues. Universal ...

Dear Hong Kong
潘源良先生 Mr. Calvin Poon
鄧小樺女士 Ms. Tang Siu Wa
黃修平先生 Mr. Adam Wong
香港是個獨一無二的地方,不論視之為家抑或暫居於此,香港都讓人難以忘懷。近年的社會事件以至反覆未停的新冠肺炎疫情,令我們的日常生活不再日常。在不再日常的日子,我們更需要文化藝術;即使 ...

Global News Chat 
We feel more connected globally than ever, especially when the news of the pandemic ...

F:A:C:E: - Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences
F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) is our dream to enrich campus ...

On Empty Classroom
和林奕華一起創作 之 一人有一個課室 網上放映及分享
林奕華先生 Mr. Edward Lam 
►重溫直播Facebook Live Replay17 Mar:  18 Mar: http ...

What Makes a City Cultural?
茹國烈先生 Mr. Louis Yu 
陳智遠先生 Mr. Paul Chan
A city's culture is a composition. But what is the shape this composition and does ...

Book Club #CoReadingAtGE
黎慶寧先生 Mr. Peter Lai 
素黑 Black
Alicia Le
Anna Long

疫情肆虐,我們被迫留家抗疫,也許是時候望望塵封的書架,翻開那本早應閱讀、但因為各種原因或藉口遲遲未讀的好書。在這個不一樣的新學期,除了依舊有港大校友、香港首位華人保安司黎慶寧主持的 ...

Music Salon: Dear Music
黃志淙博士 Dr. Wong Chi Chung
Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙
Jude Tsang 曾若華
Michael C
Music has been one of our most indispensable and intimate friends during this pandemic ...

Movie Salon
Dr. Harry Wu
Yuliia Mysak 
Stephen Ku
To all those of you who are intrigued by the interplay of light and shadow, shall ...

F:A:C:E: Choice & Sharing Sessions
F:A:C:E: Choice為同學介紹文化藝術節目,提供港大全日制學生門票資助,鼓勵同學欣賞不同類型的表演藝術或電影,擴闊學生對文化藝術的視野。 參加同學可先在推薦名單中選擇最感 ...

F:A:C:E: Subsidy Sharing - Book Talk: Ourself Zine
Justin Chu
Ourself Zine Editorial Team
The editor and photographer of Ourself Zine (@ourself.zine) will be joined by community ...

F:A:C:E: Subsidy
F:A:C:E: 鼓勵同學創作,無論是做展覽、拍短片、出版抑或搞講座,都會幫你實現!如果你有任何創作意念,歡迎提交計劃書,F:A:C:E:將會提供協助,包括校內場地、宣傳 ...

Green Living Lifestyle
Whilst living in a hustle and bustle city like Hong Kong, let’s remember to ...

Urban Edible Spaces Initiative: Growing Food and Happiness in a Sustainable Community
彭文輝先生 Mr. Mathew Pryor
王麗賢女士 Ms. Idy Wong
朱可達博士 Dr. Matthew Chu
黃盛璘女士 Ms. Huang Sheng-ling
何啟邦先生 Mr. Gabriel Ho
Building on HKU’s research on the value of urban edible roofs and the experience ...

#HKUGrowFoodAtHome Challenge
馮麗晶女士 Ms. Carol Fung 
Growing our own food has much to offer in difficult times of social distancing and ...

HKU Edible Spaces
HKU Rooftop FarmStarting in 2013, the HKU Rooftop Farm Project, co-organised with ...

HKU Edible Spaces Ambassador Training Programme
Since the setting up of the HKU Rooftop Farm in 2013 and the Herb Garden in 2018, ...

“Come and Fall in Love with Rice!” Gift From Land – Rice Plantation Tour and Workshop
大地予我 Gift From Land 
「來和稻米談一場戀愛吧!」農夫說。乍聽濫情,但種過米的人會對這個邀請會心一笑。打從精選活力充盈的榖粒育苗開始,歷經插秧、除草、追肥、曬田、收割、風選、曬穀,再到碾米⋯⋯ ...

GEST & Gatherland
Co-curating and co-creating are what we believe and practise.GEST (GE Student Team) ...

GEST Recruitment
通識為港大同學提供不帶學分課程,由海報設計、度橋宣傳、派發傳單、主持論壇、接待嘉賓、人潮管制、朝拍晚播,都需要GEST的鼎力參與。我們現正招募新學期的GEST成員,歡迎所有港大同學 ...

GEST Training: Online Moderating Skills Workshop
陳成軍先生 Mr. Rubio Chan 
張振華先生 Mr. Jaime Cheung 
As COVID-19 abruptly changed the landscape, organisers and educators around the world ...

Happy Thursday – Tea from Around the World
Yusuf Mohideen
Vyshnav Shabu Nair
Alicia Le Ha Thu Oanh
In this time of uncertainty and disconnection, a little bit of warmth from tea and ...

GEST (Online) Skills Sharing
Andy Kong
Wang Ziyuan
GEST Skills Sharing is a platform for talented students to showcase their unique ...