Study Smart Programme
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Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What are generic study skills?
    Generic study skills are about “learning how to learn” and improving your effectiveness and efficiency in learning. Learn a variety of study skills as below:
    • Time management and organization
    • Goal setting and planning
    • Active reading and note-taking skills
    • Essay planning strategies
    • Delivering presentation in less stressful manner
    • Improving concentration
    • Revision and exam preparation techniques
    • Learning strategies assessment
    The Study Smart Series include small group workshops on these and related topics, as well as one-to-one consultation session with a peer study skills coach.

  2. Who are the peer study skills coaches?
    Our peer study skills coaches are current HKU postgraduate students and recent graduates with experience serving as academic tutors in university setting. They will facilitate the students to learn how to study smarter.

  3. How can I book the workshops and one-to-one consultation sessions?
    You are required to use your Portal ID and password to log onto this online booking system. For the first time log-in, you will be asked to provide some personal information (e.g. Name, Faculty, and email address) for registration and creation of a personal account.

    You can view the details about the coming workshops and one-to-one consultation sessions by clicking the icons “List” or “Calendar”. If you are interested in signing up for a workshop or consultation session, click onto the session for enrollment. An email confirming your enrollment will be sent to your email address afterwards. A further reminder will be emailed to you two days before the session that you have signed up.

  4. Do I have to pay a fee for joining the sessions?
    The Study Smart Programme is a project supported by Henry Chan Inclusive Education Fund. The study skills workshops and one-to-one consultation sessions are free for all current HKU students.

  5. What is the difference between study skills coaching and tutoring?
    Study skills coaching focuses on strategies that can be applied across the board, in all your courses. They are broad skills that can be applied to studying in general. Tutoring focuses more on helping you master the specific content of an individual course. Study skills coaching offered by Study Smart Programme do not provide tutoring. You are advised to approach your course instructors for assistance on specific issues related to individual course.

  6. Will a peer study skills coaches help me with my assignments?
    Not usually. Occasionally, a peer study skills coach may help you plan and organize your work with reference to the requirements of your assignment.

  7. Will a peer study skills coach read and help me with my writing?
    No. We do not providing course specific tutoring or English writing service. You can consider seeking help from your course instructors for specific issues related to your course, or the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES) (website for English support.

  8. How often can I see a peer study skills coach for one-to-one consultation?
    We do not intend to provide intensive and regular individual consultations to students. You can also consider joining small group workshops to help you acquire skills to study more effectively and independently.

  9. Does study skills coaching include personal counselling?
    No. The two types of service are different from one another. Study skills coaching focuses on improving your generic study skills, while personal counselling helps you cope with personal issues and/or emotional distress. The counsellors at CEDARS provide free and confidential counselling service for all current HKU students (website:

    In case you are coping with difficult personal/emotional issues that may interfere with your studies, the peer skills coaches may recommend you to seek counselling service from CEDARS. The choice is up to you since this service is voluntary.

  10. I am a student with a disability. How can the study skills coaching help me?
    Generally speaking, the same study skills workshops are provided for students with disabilities as for the other students. In one-to-one consultation sessions, a peer study skills coach will try to target at the specific needs of the student, depending on the nature of the student’s disabilities.

    We strongly recommend that students with disabilities to register with Accessibility Support Service of CEDARS. It ensures that you receive the full range of support available to help you manage the academic challenges.

  11. I am a graduate student. Do you offer anything for me?
    Yes. Most of the study skills workshops and one-to-one consultation sessions are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. You may also sign up for one-to-one consultation with a peer study skills coach who indicates special interest in working with postgraduate students. We also offer some workshops specifically targeted at postgraduate students