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Movie Screening
Filmtastic – Elemental
Date 日期:  21 Feb 2024
Time 時間: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Venue 地點: CPD-2.45, Centennial Campus
Speaker(s) 講師: Dr. Fiona Law 羅玉華博士
Summary 內容: Disney Mania: Journeys of Imagination and Transformation


這學期除了學生主持所推介的電影外,Filmtastic邀請到香港大學比較文學系的羅玉華博士與同學分享迪士尼電影《元素大都會 Elemental》 (2023),試著從文學、文化研究、電影美學等角度,探討迪士尼如何透過電影說故事,影響世界。

Disney, a fascinating world built upon countless cartoon characters and animations, offers a whimsical movie experience allowing people to immerse themselves in an imaginative world.
Apart from the sharing by student hosts, Filmtastic also invited Dr. Fiona Law from the Department of Comparative Literature, HKU to share her insights with HKU students!  Through the film “Elemental (2023)”, Dr. Law will uncover how Disney tells stories through movies and its impact on the world from the perspectives of literature, film and cultural studies.

元素大都會 Elemental (2023) | English | 102mins
21/2/2024 (Wed)
Time: 18:30 – 21:00
Venue:  CPD-2.45, 2/F, The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
Guest Host:
Dr. Fiona Law
(Lecturer, Department of Comparative Literature, School of Humanities, HKU)

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Bio of Speaker(s) 講者簡介:  
 photoDr. Fiona Law 羅玉華博士

Lecturer in Department of Comparative Literature, School of Humanities.  Her research interests include Hong Kong cinema and cultural studies, Asian cinemas, visual cultures, and animal studies / ecocriticism in the Asian context.
香港大學比較文學系講師。 研究範圍包括香港及亞洲電影,文學,文化研究,及生態批評等。 關注動物、視覺文化、城市書寫,以及三者之間的因緣業報。