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GE Enrolment
Date 日期:  28 - 29 Jan 2015
Time 時間: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Summary 內容: I want…Therefore… is our theme of this semester. We always hope our programmes will stimulate your intellectual curiosity, inspire you with new ideas, re-define your old thoughts, and hopefully re-orientate your life goals. Other than our regular signature programmes of Rooftop Farming Project, F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences), Happy 2gether, and interdisciplinary courses in Politics, Economics and Finance, Science and Technology, we have also included an Umbrella Series in our flagship forum, Hong Kong Agenda.
On the cusp of 2014 to 2015, GE will be literally 19 going on 20. As GE begins this celebratory year, we will offer the GE20 Series which is not only about the past 20 years of GE, but also our city and our world. With our new home at Pao Siu Loong Building (PSL), Project G, a long-term interactive/crowd-sourcing/co-creation experiment with students, will proceed to phase three, in which students can use their unlimited imagination and creativity to define the space in the brand new Gatherland.
We have prepared a programme booklet for your easy reference. Students may obtain a copy at various collection points including our office in PSL, Chi Wah Learning Commons, Main Library, Global Lounge, canteens, CEDARS racks, halls etc., or download further information on or through our GE app.
All these fascinating programmes will be ready for registration from January 28 at the following locations:
Enrolment Counters:

10:00 – 17:00, January 28 (Wed) at K.K. Leung Concourse;
10:00 – 17:00, January 29 (Thu) at Chi Wah Learning Commons; and 
from January 30 (Fri) onwards during office hours at 2/F, PSL. 
We will also present a talk under our newly formed ‘GE Book Club’ on the first enrolment day. The two hosts will share with you why they chose the four books and how reading has changed their lives and what it takes to transform yours too.
Date: Jan 28 (Wed)
Time: 13:00 – 13:45
Venue: K.K. Leung Concourse
Hosts: Mr. Kevin Lau (劉進圖先生) & Mr. Peter Lai (黎慶寧先生)
Language: Cantonese supplemented with English