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Public Lecture
In the House: Chui Tien You is ______
Date 日期:  24 Oct 2019
Time 時間: 12:45pm - 2:00pm
Venue 地點: Sun Yat-sen Place, HKU
Medium 語言: Cantonese
Speaker(s) 講師: 徐天佑先生 Mr. Chui Tien You
Summary 內容: 「天佑~我的愛人」——歌都有得你唱,話明係愛人,你又對徐天佑呢位「愛人」了解有幾深呢?或者你對佢嘅印象停留喺Shine時期,聽過佢首「燕尾蝶」同「十八相送」,然後呢?除此之外佢仲有咩身份?一個唱作人?一個舞台劇演員?定係一個熱愛香港嘅市民?



Chui Tien You has always been correlated with his songs from the Cantopop duo named Shine. Yet, what kinds of roles does he play beyond “a singer”? A singer-songwriter? An actor? Or a passionate Hong Kong citizen?

Being tagged with various labels, how should we define the authentic Chui Tien You? Let’s get to know more about him through this sharing.

This forum is the first session of this semester's “In The House” event series.

▍嘉賓 Guest
徐天佑先生 Mr. Chui Tien You (演員/歌手)

日期 Date:24/10/2019 (Thu)
時間 Time:12:45 – 14:00
地點 Venue:香港大學中山廣場 Sun Yat-sen Place, HKU
語言 Language:廣東話 Cantonese

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