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Earth Day 2024 - Sustain / Ability
Earth Day 2024 - Sustain / Ability
地球日 2024
Earth Day 2024 - Sustain / Ability
地球日2024的主題Planet vs. Plastics,希望令大眾明白塑膠製品對環境、氣候、甚至人體健康的影響,藉此減少對塑膠製品的依賴。

而今年是地球日54周年,亦是港大香草園6周年紀念。雖然環境問題日漸嚴重,但我們相信大自然自我修復的力量,Sustain / Ability,只要大家願意多走一步,更多人實踐綠色生活,環境就有機會變得更美好。

活動詳情將於稍後公佈,有興趣便記得緊貼我們的網頁資訊及Instagram ( (@holisticurbanfarming.hku) !
Themed with "Planet vs. Plastics" for Earth Day 2024, it stresses the urgency of detrimental effects of plastic caused to our planet, climate, and human health and raises public awareness and inspires action towards reducing our reliance on plastics.

This year marks the 54th anniversary of Earth Day and the 6th anniversary of the HKU Herb Garden. The theme of "Sustain/Ability" emphasises our belief in the self-healing power of nature and the role individuals can play in creating a better environment through sustainable and green lifestyles.Living a green life is not as difficult and complicated as we think. If you want to learn more, come and join the HKU Earth Day 2024 held on April 22, 2024 (Mon). There will be a series of activities exploring the sustainability and green living style.

Event details will be announced soon, stay tuned to our website and Instagram ( (@holisticurbanfarming.hku)!