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MOViE MOViE: Let’s Talk About Sex 2024
MOViE MOViE: Let’s Talk About Sex 2024

今個暑假,通識將聯同 MOViE MOViE及香港大學比較文學系合辦【MOViE MOViE:Let’s Talk About Sex 2024】電影節,從多部國際得獎電影剖析性的多種面向和可能性,看一套上一課。

There are lots of taboos surrounding sex and we often avoid them. What if we take a step forward, and deconstruct sex from an academic and cultural perspective, perhaps it is not as forbidden as we think.

GE in collaboration with MOViE MOViE and the Department of Comparative Literature of HKU, co-presents MOViE MOViE: Let’s Talk About Sex 2024, a series of quality films that help to break all the taboos surrounding sex, encourage frank and open discussions about sex, and deconstruct sex from academic and cultural perspectives which will be screened from 21 June to 7 July.

For the film schedule, please check out: 

港大放映會及映後談: 性教獄 HKU Screening & Discussion: The Miseducation of Cameron Post 



In addition, the HKU exclusive screening and discussion of ‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’ will be held on Jun 18. The movie depicts the story of a teenage girl who is coerced by her guardians to attend a gay conversion therapy center. Despite facing intolerance and denial, the girl finds solace in a group of fellow "sinners” and they come together and strive for survival.

The screening will be followed by a discussion hosted by our student hosts and a lecturer from the Department of Comparative Literature.

更多關於港大放映會的資訊 More about HKU Screening & Discussion 

敢愛咁做 How to have sex (2023)
導演 Director: 莫莉曼寧禾加 Molly Manning Walker
片長Duration: 91 mins
獎項 Awards: Un Certain Regard Award at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival; Best Lead Performance, Best Supporting Performance, Best Casting at British Independent Film Awards
語言Language: In English with Chinese Subtitles
21/6 | 19:30 | MMCP*
30/6 | 19:40 | MMPP


Opening Film HOW TO HAVE SEX, the winner of the Un Certain Regard Award at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. BAFTA-nominated British director Molly Manning Walker’s debut feature film is a vibrant, compassionate look at sex, friendship and consent that paints a moving and painfully familiar portrait of young adulthood.

*此場次設有映後分享會 Followed by a Post-Screening Sharing
嘉賓 Speaker: 黃家軒博士 Prof. Alvin Wong (Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU)

12歲,你介意嗎? Caught In The Net (2020)
導演 Director: Barbora Chalupová, Vít Klusák
片長Duration: 100 mins
獎項 Awards: Best Documentary, Audience Award at Czech Lion Awards; Nominee of CPH:Dox Award
語言Language: In Czech with Chinese & English Subtitles
3/7 | 19:30 | MMCP
7/7 | 14:50 | BC


HK Premiere of Closing Film CAUGHT IN THE NET, winner of BEST DOCUMENTARY and the AUDIENCE AWARD at the CZECH LION AWARDS. The story of three actresses, ten days and 2,458 sexual predators, the film chronicles a chilling experiment that involves three over-18 actresses being tasked with posing as 12-year-old girls on social networking sites.
感官世界(4K數碼修復版)In The Realm Of The Senses (4k Restoration) (1976)
導演 Director: Nagisa Ōshima
片長Duration: 102 mins
獎項 Awards: Special Jury Prize at Chicago International Film Festival; Sutherland Trophy at British Film Institute; Best Actor at Hochi Film Award
語言Language: In Japanese with Chinese & English Subtitles
23/6 | 19:25 | MMCP
29/6 | 19:35 | PE*


Restored in 4K, IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (4K RESTORATION) is a risqué and notorious film that made headlines and broke taboos. Open feminine sexual desire, full-frontal nudity, penetration, S&M and more are shown with imperturbable precision in this extraordinarily uninhibited and ground-breaking film, written and directed by Japanese auteur Nagisa Ōshima, who won BEST DIRECTOR at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL for the film.

*此場次設有映後分享會 Followed by a Post-Screening Sharing
嘉賓 Speaker: 林瀚光博士 Dr. Derek Lam (Lecturer, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU)

我的2年妓錄人生 La Maison (2022)
導演 Director: 阿莉莎邦方 Anissa Bonnefont
片長Duration: 85 mins
語言Language: In English & German with Chinese & English Subtitles
22/6 | 19:35 | MMPP
29/6 | 17:20 | PE


HK premiere of LA MAISON, a provocative auto-fiction film that follows a 27-year-old writer’s two-year venture into the hidden world of sex work. The film depicts the profession’s dangers, its incompatibility with romance, and its distance from the filmmaker’s comfort zone. However, it also shows the industry’s sorority, grace and power.

男生女相:華語電影之性別 Yang ± Yin: Gender In Chinese Cinema (1996)
導演 Director: 關錦鵬 Stanley Kwan
片長Duration: 80 mins
語言Language: In Cantonese and Mandarin with Chinese & English Subtitles
23/6 | 17:20 | MMCP
6/7   | 19:50 | PE*


Partially funded by the BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE, Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan’s YANG ± YIN: GENDER IN CHINESE CINEMA premiered at the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL and INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM in 1996. The radical documentary re-contextualises Chinese cultural and cinematic traditions through a transgressive queer lens. Kwan will be present for a post-screening Q&A on 23 June.

*此場次設有映後分享會 Followed by a Post-Screening Sharing
嘉賓 Speaker: 關錦鵬導演 Stanley Kwan (Director)
主持 Moderator: 羅玉華博士Dr. Fiona Law (Lecturer, Department of Comparative Literature, HKU)

MMCP - MOViE MOViE Cityplaza
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MMPP - MOViE MOViE Pacific Place
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BC - 百老匯電影中心 Broadway Cinematheque
Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei

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