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About Us

Gatherland is perhaps one the most chilling places on campus. It is a versatile hub of arts, culture, friendship, and more.  Situated in Main Building after our recent relocation, the new spaces of Gatherland (MB240 & MB221) are now ready for you to drop-by, hang out, chill and relax; do some leisure reading or studying, vinyl music and mini cinema enjoyment; creative activities, chatting and gathering!

自2021年初進駐本部大樓二樓後,全新的Gatherland空間(MB240及MB221)已正式啟用。歡迎同學繼續在Gatherland聚頭,放鬆、叉電 、打書釘、翻雜誌、聽黑膠、 看影碟、傾project、閒聊!

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00am to 6:15pm
Sat, Sun, Public Holidays and University Holidays Closed

Gatherland MB240 

Gatherland MB240
Gatherland MB221

Gatherland MB221
Prior reservation for exclusive use of Gatherland MB221 is possible under particular circumstances noted below:

A. Booking Arrangement:
  1. Booking is eligible for current HKU students for self-organised activities.
  2. Online application should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the activity or event, stating the purpose of use, the maximum number of attendants, student names, the UID, phone number and email address of the contact person. Bookings can be made up to 1 month in advance.
  3. In each application, multiple booking for the same activity or event can be made for 3 consecutive uses only within 1 month.
  4. Multiple booking for the same activity or event within a week is not preferred.
  5. Gatherland MB221 will only be available for booking from 10:00am to 6:00pm during the weekdays (excluding Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and University holidays).
B. User Guidelines:
  1. Any user(s) should be personally responsible for the security of resources available to them.
  2. No user should cause any disturbance to other users or use the facilities in a way that results in a degradation or disruption of the service to others. In particular, distribution of computer viruses and electronic chain mail and playing computer games are strictly forbidden. Users shall be responsible for any damage of the facilities.
  3. Transmission, storage, promotion or display of offensive, defamatory or harassing material are strictly forbidden.
  4. No food, beverage or smoking will be permitted inside the room.
  5. Bookings are not transferable.
  6. Should there be any cancellation of the booking, applicant should inform General Education Team at least 3 days prior to the commencement of the event via email to
  7. During the COVID-19 pandemic, users of the room should comply with the following regulations:
    i. Maximum capacity of Gatherland MB221 should not exceed 14 persons;
    ii. Wearing face mask at all time is required;
    iii. Complete the health declaration form at by the date of function;
    iv. Measure your body temperature before entering the venue.
    v. Keep appropriate social distancing.
General Education Team reserves the right of final decision on booking arrangement.

For enquiries, please contact the General Education Team at 3917-5044 or