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Co-curricular Programmes for ALL HKU Students


A Way - Exploration
A new way of life. Explore a way to solve any difficulties you are facing. Find your way here.

Always - Support
Always be with you. Always here. As always.

Away - A way out
Join us right away. Run away from stress and sadness. Stay away from negative influences.

GE Team has curated a series of non-credit bearing General Education programmes themed “a_way_" for all HKU students in the semester 2, 2023-24 to explore different topics under our five pillars – "We Are The World", "F:A:C:E:” (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences), "Green Living Lifestyles",  "GEST & Gatherland" and “Whole Person Development”.
Our programmes provide you a way to explore different ways of facing and overcoming challenges. Whether it's finding new solutions to problems or seeking support in difficult times, GE programmes are always here. We recognise the need to escape negative influences and be away sometimes. We also encourage students to prioritise their well-being. As always, GE Team offers a space for students to explore different co-curricular programmes and find their way towards a happier, healthier and more enriching campus life.
Join our programmes to explore the different possibilities and find your way of interpretation of “a_way_”.

GE Team
Jan 2024

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