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Speaking Warm, Welcoming Words with our masks on is a new challenge if not a new art form, made even harder by our covered smiles, too. The pandemic and politics in Hong Kong and all over the globe have made us “reshuffle” our modes and ways of lives and thinking. The digital revolution is now in full force to shift our paradigms of study, work, and leisure too.

Why [Re-]2?

In the previous semester, our theme was “Re-“ as we endeavoured to explore all kinds of possibilities to reposition ourselves in our city after months of social unrest and upheaval. Then came the pandemic which disrupted most of our planned programmes, although we at HKU promptly produced a chain of online programmes together with our students.
“Re-learn” is so crucial these days; we must reconceive all sorts of knowledge to reconstruct our new world order. As non-credit bearing co-curricular programmes, our flexibility and spectrum could provide the spark of many new perspectives and ideas.

Our four Pillar Series includes:

We Are The World, which probes into the issues from a local to regional, to global perspective. Both GE-curated and student-driven forums, webinars, field trips will be included.
“Re-reading and Re-visiting Hong Kong” is one of the tailormade themes for those who are curious and concerned about Hong Kong, which is undergoing some pivotal changes.

F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) is not just for hipsters but all who like to explore into the world of creativity and imagination. GE Gatherland could be your cultural hub of performances and exhibitions as well as a cradle for creative artists. Some of the creative minds we have nurtured musicians include, film makers, writers, painters, and photographers. Their versatile talents shine through their lives no matter what careers they pursue.

Our Green Living Lifestyle series including the learning of sustainability and responsibility that have evolved from our Edible Spaces—Rooftop Farm and Herb Garden; Community Day, Green Monday and Farmers’ Market etc. which invite you to re-connect with Mother Earth and nature.

Last but not least, GEST (GE Student Team) is where students contribute and learn individually and collaboratively at the same time. Lifelong skills, such as being moderators, interpreters, designers, chefs, KOLs etc. or anything you could think of, could be involved.

*From Emptiness to Memories

Edward Lam’s “On Empty Classroom” is one of our experiments based on his theatre exercise with 30 performers in the empty theatre at Freespace in the the West Kowloon Cultural District.
Ackar Abbas’ (1997) discourse on, “Culture and the Politics of Disappearance” about Hong Kong is one of the prominently prophetic texts relevant to our city and the world now. Before he left HKU for the USA, he wrote this to share his sentiments about the love of one’s home. Embrace and treasure the joys of home before they disappear, be they face-to-face classes and communications, mask-free social lives, spaces or faces.
On a similar theme, the recently released album and single “Before I Forget” by Michael Lai is not only about Alzheimer’s Disease but also the memories of our lives and hometowns. Michael will be one of our guests in the upcoming Music Salon and his sharing of music and yoga in times of plague is still on our YouTube and IG.
Today, when we are embarking on a new journey in the new academic year, reigniting our intellectual curiosity, reimagining our global and mental map of learning, redefining our roles... we hope our programmes and platforms can be as inspiring and interactive as possible.
Co-curation and Co-creation are at the core of our beliefs as well as our practices.
Please feel free to offer up your ideas and make your dreams come true.

*Booklets and Bookmarks

Many thanks to our designers’ brilliant ideas! While we are not producing another new booklet for this semester, we still have some available from last term and these include many of the rescheduled and still relevant programmes (though dates will differ, obviously), designers have made some handy and handsome bookmarks to help you navigate. Of course, you can also use them sustainably and sensibly.
Have a safe but exciting learning journey ahead!
GE Team
2020 Summer

► Programme details: cedars.hku.hk/GE-2020sem1