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GE 2021-22 Sem2


Between 0 (zero) and ∞ (infinity), imagination and possibilities are boundless and infinite. These could be philosophical, mathematical, metaphysical, spiritual, or aesthetic. Such possibilities are particularly intriguing and mysterious in our world with the ongoing Pandemic and its possible variants and complications in 2022.
Any list of the most used keywords around the world in the past few months would include Metaverse, Squid Game, and Omicron. Does this herald the arrival of a new era, or is it just a continuation of blurring grey areas between virtual/augmented realities and our real lives re: control/safety? Or is It all  just hype? Irrespective of the answers to these questions, perhaps it’s time for us to re-orientate and re-position ourselves, as the variants of COVID-19 keep evolving. Is it possible to achieve zero cases? Is this truly the only way out?
In the past Sem 1 (themed “It’s OK to___"), we returned to face-to-face teaching and learning after almost two tough years. At first, we worried that things would be as difficult as if re-starting from zero again. Yet, our students’ eagerness and passion to meet and learn were so encouraging that many activities and events were filled with enthusiasm. With the upcoming Sem 2, we will continue our optimism and euphoria to curate and co-curate inspiring programmes with/for you. Under the four pillars of, "We are the World", "F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences)," "Green Living Lifestyles", "GEST (GE Student Team) and Gatherland", we believe that the potential and possibilities of inspiring learning are infinite.

Our hybrid co-curricular approach, Glocal perspectives, and proactive convictions of co-curation and co-creation with students and practicing professionals are our guiding lights.

Breakthroughs such as NFT and New Media sound hip and futuristic, while fine traditions such as growing greens, craftsmanship, and preserving and recording history and culture are of no less importance. We passionately hope that our new programmes will bring you unique insights and pleasure.
What does 0< >mean to you?
This might be a good question to ponder at the start of another semester, whether this is your first, last, or just another term here.
With deep regret, we acknowledge the passing of Dr. Stephen Chan Choi Lai on 10 Oct 2021 at the age of 85. Dr. Chan was the founding director of General Education (GE) in HKU in 1995 who laid the very solid foundation of interest-driven, co-curricular, and liberal arts education here. We are so grateful for his pioneering contributions, and we will miss him dearly. Although human lives are fleeting, their precious legacies and influences can become infinite.
“Without your continuous and unfailing endeavours, many of us would not have re-discovered so many new grounds in teaching and learning, and above all, rethinking and re-defining what life is about.” (part of our vigil @ www.chanchoilai-stephen.net)
GE Team

► Programme details: https://www.cedars.hku.hk/GE-2021sem2