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“It’s not Miracles…but Accumulations of hard works…”

World-famous star Dr. Chow Yun Fat was invited by GE to share his life stories and wisdom during the summer. This is one of his quotable quotes about the reflection of his half-century career.
To begin with, there are no shortcuts to success.  However, you can still have lots of fun and meet some inspiring people during your university lives.

This is also the first semester that we are mask-free and quarantine-free. It’s about time to embrace this basic freedom. To begin again with our “normal” lives, we might want to re-think what is normal, new normal and abnormal lest we will forget the learning and lessons from the lethal Pandemic.

To refresh you about GE, we are interest-driven and stress-free.

Our umbrellas “We Are the World” concocts local, regional and global flavours, cultures and issues via “Global News Chat” and “Tea from Around the World”.

“F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) has been providing students subsidies to create their dream projects.  Also, we encourage you to join various creative programmes as well as post-performance discussions with free tickets.  Our regular Book Club, Filmtastic, Music Salon and, Opera Appreciation will definitely open up your horizons of the world.  Well-known theatre director Edward Lam will carry on with his inspiring sessions since 1997.
“Keen Lyricist Quest” comes to its second round after the hot reception from its debut last year.  Pop music lovers could show your talents in writing lyrics.  The newly added “HKU Music Festival” also welcomes you to join in and shine with your original music compositions in all genres.
“Green Living Lifestyles”  While we just celebrated the 5th anniversary of our Herb Garden, it’s also the 10th anniversary of our Rooftop Farm. Both green spaces are the essential parts of the HKU Holistic Urban Farming programmes.  Green lifestyles are indeed for all of us no matter we are vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans, halal etc. Therefore, please check out our earth-friendly and sustainable classes and events.
“GEST” stands for GE Student Team.  You could really explore all kinds of possibilities of co-curation, co-creation and co-hosting…and some part-time jobs.
On top of these, the “Whole Person Development” Programme Series is a new pillar for you to further gear up to face new challenges in the new era.
GE Team
Sep 2023
► Programme details: https://www.cedars.hku.hk/GE-2023Sem1