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Dare to_________

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.  Not to dare is to lose oneself.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Welcome to the brand new academic year in HKU!
Many freshers joining us this semester are born in 2000. In many senses, we are all beginning a new chapter together.  Youth, being young and forever young, as well as coming of age, have so often been the themes of creative works and academic studies. We have heard of baby boomers, then Gens X, Y and Z; and Millennials and Post-Millennials; i-Gen, Digital Natives; the list could go on.

The trending hash tag or keywords of the summer of 2018 will most probably be #WorldCup, #VAR, #ThaiCaveRescue, #LiuXia… a mixture of laughter and tears, disappointments and excitements.

We are also trying to find the right words and meanings for our new theme.  We believe that being daring is quintessential in our age. In the face of various challenges and uncertainties, digital tools and social media appear to offer information and protection. However, knowledge and wisdom, boldness, and moving beyond our comfort zones offer far more than the digital screen ever could. Therefore, we consider “Dare to Dream, Ask, Grow, Create, and Play” are so important in university life that our programmes will be geared towards encouraging and developing these essential areas of growth.

Our 5-in-1 booklet is designed to navigate free and non-linear reading.  We have multiple covers and you can choose anyone as cover and surf along.

Dare to DREAM
GE has been curating and providing non-credit bearing programmes since 1995.

1995 – GE was established by HKU’s former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Wang Gungwu  and the first GE Director Dr. Stephen Chan.

2012 - “new” logo combining tree rings, watermarks, fingerprints symbolising life education and education for life.

2014 – “new” office and Gatherland at Pao Siu Loong Building.

2018 new chapter…from GEU to CEDARS-GE team…more synergies for co-curricular learning programmes.

GE associated student groups and projects:
MOSAIC, Brighten Music (HKU 100 Theme Song 明我以德), Medic 130 Theme Song (杏林遍地), Kong U Big Band, GEST, Filmatic, TEDxHKU…

Dare to ASK
Hall of Wisdom (大學問) is our award-winning education TV series co-organised with RTHK. Season 2 will continue the basic quest for knowledge by asking the important questions to those who have gained wisdom through their extraordinary life experience and expertise.

Dare to GROW
People and plants are alike in many ways. Both need the correct nutrients, water, and sunlight, as well as love and care in order to thrive and sustain.  Body, mind, and soul are interconnected. Therefore, we will host our signature 14thTrail Walker @ HKU to challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone. Then, through our “Growing Up Series” and “Human Library”, you can soul-search your dreams via offline self-reflections and face-to-face encounters with your predecessors.
Of course, our holistic, organic urban farming is a multi-faceted approach for you to learn and experience the BTTB (Back To The Basics) philosophy, and FFTT (From Farm To Table) practice.
Family is the basic unit from which we all develop. Prof. Lung Yingtai’s new book is about her mother, her family life, and much more.  

Dare to CREATE
The GE F:A:C:E: umbrella has been spinning off a web of arts and cultural possibilities, from mentorship to excursion to Shenzhen, to exploring various art forms with performers from Hong Kong and China. Our art critique training programme aims at nurturing critics and columnists to move beyond the realm of the keyboard warrior or the “like-er”. Ultimately, if you want to turn your creative ideas into dreams come true, give us your pitch for our F:A:C:E: Subsidies.  You won’t know how far you can leap until you try and create.  Cultural literacy is indispensable at all times.

Dare to PLAY
Learning how to have fun is supposed to be inborn and natural; easy and happy.  Unfortunately, the world has been “developing” many new creeds and practices such as, babies should be fed with electronic pacifier, and childhood should be packed with tutoring. Playing within boundaries with burdens deprives us of much simple pleasure and quality time.
Happy 2gether, GEST (GE Student Team) and Gatherland Series are designed as our globalised playing and learning platform.  Camping, hiking, making instruments and jamming music, cooking and sharing food and drinks, discovering and exploring your talents can all happen here.
Gatherland is also the cool hub for you to chill, create, play, and meet new friends at your leisure at our dedicated Global News Chat, Book Club, Filmatic, and Music Salon. Curator’s Gigs and Exhibitions are all open avenues for you to learn and laugh, rise and shine.

The sky’s the limit.  Come on in!

GE Team
Summer 2018