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Welcoming Message
Lots of Love 係愛呀!

Laugh Out Loud or Lots of Love; or both? 
Is love the ultimate panacea to our daily problems?
2019 is a big year of many momentous commemorations. Most, if not all, of these can foster in us thoughts and wisdom about how we can face the challenges ahead of us.
Learning from History
1919 May Fourth Movement (“Mr. Democracy and Mr. Science”)
1949 PRC established
1969 Woodstock (Summer of Love); Stonewall Incident
1989 Tiananmen Incident; Berlin Wall and Eastern European Bloc dismantled
1999 Pre-Millennium Bug Anxiety Syndrome…
Self-love but Love Beyond
Professor Lung Ying-tai’s new storytelling series exploring diaspora will empower us to rethink our identities via text and moving images.
Love Camp, curated and hosted by Edward Lam to re-discover the meaning of love, will likely be one of the highlight activities of your Reading Week.
Various soul-searching and zen-like art and creative activities have been designed to provide some breathing space for you in our hectic world.
Love of our own culture, yet embracing the cultures around the world…GLOCAL…our tea sessions and history talks have both soft and hard edges.
Mr. Liu Heung Shing’s photojournalism book captures the pivotal history around 1989, both in Europe and in China, with some stunning shots and moments.
Communal Love
As well as our 5-year-old rooftop farm, our herb garden will celebrate its first anniversary around Earth Day, 2019. The incorporation of Woodstock-themed programmes and a fair, plus the Music Salon will revisit the inspirations from this definitive 1960s movement, including music culture, environmental protection, gender equality, and civil rights.
The philosophy of our Student Teams is to allow them to pursue their passion.  Besides our GE Student Team, we have also recruited and trained the specialised of “Hall of Wisdom” (our award-winning TV Series) team. We are now expanding this into another cross-media collaboration with CAP TV for a team of new, creative media, and production. We are also forming a new team to ask the right questions about Hong Kong’s future.
The Art of Sustaining, Exceling, and Transcending
Every semester, we curate new thematic programmes to fit the current tides, and our flagship programmes like farming, book club, filmatic, music salon, curator’s gigs, and exhibitions will continue.
In terms of our ideals, we will push forward with our interdisciplinary approach to learning, internationalised integration through our Happy 2gether events, innovative and creative arts and culture humanistic programme series F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences) all move on and grow beyond the changing times and trends. Above all, our programmes have been non-credit based since 1995 because we believe in the lifetime impact of interest-driven, co-curricular learning.
From a booklet to a pamphlet, we have been trying to move more programme details online. Yet we still want to design and create memorable and collectible GE print material for you. That might be the beauty of our hybrid age.  Please tell us how you feel about this.
“Love isn't something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn't a feeling, it is a practice.” 
― Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

GE Team
January 2019