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Welcome (back) to HKU campus!
What are you keen on doing, planning, achieving in this new semester?
Wanna send a postcard? To your families and friends wherever they are, or even to yourself? We have designed some for you. Please feel free to enjoy this “analog” and “organic” way of communication and connection.
Feeling excited, right?
It feels as if we’re reuniting from some multiverse or metaverse after the rampant 5th wave of the Pandemic in Hong Kong and many other parts of the world. We simply cannot take F2F class and interactions for granted any longer. No matter how busy and hectic the new semester might turn out to be, how much of a multi-tasker you might be, please don’t forget some of the notions and aspirations we might have crystallised during the homebound and lockdown days, which could include “work-life balance,” “daily mindful moments,” “back to basics,” “embrace nature,” “treasure our loved ones,” and so on.
Those hours and minutes are so fluid and volatile; our lives and world could be so fragile and fatal. Polish philosopher Zygmunt Bauman (1925-2017) propounded the prominent concepts of “liquid/solid modernity/post-modernity”. He even prophesied the impact of social media on political behaviours such as voting when, “people only see the reflections of their own” (2016). Let’s try to look at the other side of fluidity, its agility and adaptability that can grow with patience and resilience during tough times.
GE programmes in HKU have been evolving in many ways since 1995 to keep up with the rapid changes of times and tides. Yet we remain “non-credit bearing” because we believe in the virtue of “learning not for marks” particularly in co-curricular programmes. Therefore, we have built some pillars for you to immerse yourselves into, to explore and learn, and grow without “excess baggage” and pressure.
<We are the World>
Global News Chat is a student-driven discussion group concerned with local/regional/global issues.
World Cup 2022 is on its way, so please warm up and get ready with our specially designed programmes. “Sketching HKU” and “Far Far Away” provide a refreshing lens for us to revisit our campus and city.

<F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences)>
Subsidies and Choices, Showcases and Talent Quests, Students and Stars; you name it, or you can check out our vibrant archive on our Social Media. With the return of f2f this semester, our Back-to-Live Gig will be an encore version and feature many gifted HKUers. Besides performing, our “Keen Lyricist Quest” will also highlight some sought-after speakers and instructors. Seize the opportunity and share your voice in words and text, both in singing and rapping, English and Chinese.

<Gatherland and GEST (Student Team)>
Our cosy Gatherland, nestled in the iconic, century-old Main Building has been one of the hubs for multiple student events of creativity and social gatherings. Book Club, Music Salon, Film Screening, Art and Creative Workshops, various rehearsals and performances; Tea from Around the World, Herbs growing, and classes in Mindfulness, Yoga sessions, community exchanges and so on.
Co-curation and Co-creation are what we believe in and practice here. If you have any novel project ideas, please feel free to come talk to us. "Dreams come true” has been one of our many happy moments as we watch students accomplishing their creative projects outside their formal curriculum. And our Student Team always welcomes you to join with any posts you can imagine.
<Green Living Lifestyle>
Another outpost of GE is the use we make of our lovely green spaces. The Herb Garden (since 2018) sits just outside the Main Library, where you can feel free to enjoy the natural wonders of colours, fragrances, shapes, and lives. The Rooftop Farm (since 2013) has recently been relocated to Meng Wah Building, 8/F (via the Education Library). Holistic Urban Farming programmes and activities are held regularly here. Hands-on learning and experiences of cultivation have become ever popular and essential in helping us to cope with the Pandemic. Moving forward, we are developing our community sustainability project in Kennedy Town, where students may choose to undertake training so that they can serve many underprivileged families, helping them to build healthier lifestyles and increase their immunity to disease.
With infinite possibilities ahead, we look forward to meeting you and co-creating some fabulous stories and memories together.
Keep in Touch!
GE Team
SEP 2022

► Programme details: https://www.cedars.hku.hk/GE-2022Sem1