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Welcome back to our HKU Campus!
While the First Semester ended abruptly, we hope that the upcoming Second Semester will run more smoothly.
Hong Kong has appeared regularly in the world’s news headlines in the past 6 months. The social crisis and political storm triggered by the extradition bill has regrettably opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of issues. Core values have been tarnished by many forms of violence and brutality. Countless injuries and attacks have escalated distrust, division, and even hatred. 
We need to recuperate, recover, and rebuild, we need to find a way to rekindle our hopes.
The historic results of the HK District Council Election on 24 Nov 2019 may have offered temporary relief from the serious tension, but we still need to find a way out, repair the broken souls, and rediscover and reimagine our city and our home.
We know these recent events have affected everyone in our community no matter who you are or where you are coming from. Therefore, GE, as an open learning platform for all HKU students, invites you to sit back, rethink, relearn, reboot, and recharge.
‘Re-’ is our theme for this semester. We hope you can join in and fill in the blank. Let’s move forward together: revisit pressing local and global issues, of areas; refresh in the green air from our sustainability programmes, reflect through our arts and cultural prism, F:A:C:E:, and reconnect with your peers through some of the empowering team projects at GE.
Remember, the choice remains in our hands...repeat or renovate? Reform or revolutionise?
Reschedule Reset Renew Restart Reboot Rebirth Recharge Repeat Reinvent Refresh Revive…
Rethink Relearn Resolve Release Relieve Redefine Reimagine Resurrect Rebirth…
Thanks to our students who sent in their keywords derived from ‘Re-’ from our earlier crowdsourcing activity.

The GE Team

January 2020