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“Dear ______”

Who or what would you place in this blank space?
A person? A place? A pet? A year? A time?
Realistic?  Imaginary? Surreal?
Dear Diary (1993) is a touching Italian movie about growing up, and shares the same title as some adolescent memoirs that have recently been turned into animated features.  Dear Secret is the latest album title of Gin Lee, a Hong Kong pop singer who tries to explore happiness and blessings, while Dear Tenant is the new, award-winning movie that probes into the concepts of family and “big love”.
The international media project, “Cities of Love” launched around 2015 has spun off some inspiring ideas for our theme and projects.  Videos like, “My City MY Memory: Delhi I Love You”, and other cities such as Berlin, Malmo, Marseilles, Rio, and Shanghai were trying to empower the cities and citizens to overcome the challenges they faced as well as to enhance their sense of belonging to their homes.
Therefore we evolved our creative project “Dear Hong Kong” and thus our theme for this semester “Dear _____”.  Indeed, these initiatives are more necessary than ever with the current pandemic seriously disrupting the world.
This semester, we continue to offer GE programmes on a wide spectrum for students with different interests and aspirations:
“Dear Hong Kong”… We’d like to invite HKU students to engage in creative works with text, music, and video to express your feelings about our city, which has been through many twists and turns and drastic changes.
“Dear Human”…We have been undergoing some unprecedented challenges from the current pandemic.  “We Are the World” tries to engage HKUers in constructive dialogue about various local, regional, and global issues.
“Dear Earth”…Our Planet also needs much TLC.
Our “Green Living Lifestyles” Series has a lot to offer you to re-learn how to live more in harmony.  While the Rooftop Farm and Herb Garden will definitely open up a new learning platform for you, we also provide a DIY growing at home challenge.  Moreover, seeds of wellbeing and mindfulness through green spaces and practices will also be sown.
“Dear Arts”…Our “F:A:C:E: (Fascinating Arts and Cultural Experiences)” programme gears up your sensitivities and exposures to the creative world.  Culture is for every citizen and city, regardless of status or age group.  City Talk/Walk, Book Club/Talk, Music Salon/Concert, Movie Salon, and Creative Subsidy/Sharing etc. are all on our calendar and we hope they are also on your radar.
“Dear Friends”…Our GEST (GE Student Team) and Gatherland are designed for you to meet fellow students and make friends from various backgrounds and origins.  A friendly and cosy environment for multi-cultural communication and integration via tea, team work, and learning are part of the beauty.
“Dear Archive”…GE has produced many videos throughout the years.  “Hall of Wisdom” has accumulated over 3.6+ million YouTube views (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuwJy35eAVaKOYAhFlUz9xD6XDqcFNlIu). There are many other videos made by our students as well across our social media platforms for you to learn, enjoy, and share.
“Dear 2021”
Co-curating and Co-creating with students are what we do on a daily basis. 
You are welcome to join our unique HKUer Journey in 2021. Let us all hope and work together for a better, brighter, and safer 2021 and beyond!

GE Team
Jan 2021 

► Programme details: cedars.hku.hk/GE-2020sem2