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Giving back to help students find their future

Fresh Graduates: GraduAction


A one-stop hub of career services and resources for graduating students and new graduates

No matter what you embark on after graduation, we are here to support you to secure a personally rewarding career.

GraduAction offers tailored career services and resources to help you prepare and start your career.

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Enquiries: GraduAction@cedars.hku.hk

AI Career 360 FREE Online Aptitude Practice Tests and Games

Experienced Graduates: Volunteer & Give Back

FREE Online Aptitude Practice Tests and Games

It is not always easy for students to define their own career goals. As a past graduate, your career experience can inspire current students to discover their career objectives and facilitate their career planning.

You are welcome to offer help in the following areas:

  • Alumni Sharing
  • Career Seminar
  • Interview Practice
  • One-on-One Career Advice

Please tell us your interest in offering help through a simple registration to give back as alumni. Our staff will contact you to discuss the details. Thank you for your support!