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Graduate Employment Survey

Graduate Employment Survey


Employment situation, occupation, salary, job satisfaction

Survey Summary

Graduate Employment Survey (GES) is carried out every year by CEDARS-Careers and Placement to collect information on destinations or employment of the graduating class. The survey covers all full-time undergraduates and postgraduates of UGC-funded programmes across ten faculties in HKU. Results are shared among stakeholders such as the University Grants Committee, HKU departments, employers or media, for the purpose of admission, employment, and general interest of the public regarding graduate employment situations. The available data includes employment situation, employment industry, occupation, salary, job satisfaction, etc.

Key findings for full-time UGC-funded Bachelor’s Degree graduates in 2022: 

  FULL Employment  for the 17th consecutive year

  Employment Rate =  98.9%*

* Ratio of number of employed graduates to total number of graduates who are employed or unemployed


Employment Situation

In 2022, 74.3% of graduates engaged in employment, 22.1% pursued further studies and 2.7% returned to home country or did not seek for employment in Hong Kong.

Employment Sector

Commerce & Industry (50.5%) was the largest employment sector, followed by Community, Social & Personal Services (21.3%).


Monthly Gross Salary



HK$30,919 [+6.9%]

HK$25,000 [+9.9%]

For more details, please view the full Survey Summary (Bachelor’s Degree) of the past years .

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For suggestions and enquiries, please write to ges@cedars.hku.hk.