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Campus Life Section
(3/F, Meng Wah Complex)

Enquiries on Accommodation, Catering, Chong Yuet Ming Cultural Centre, Finances, Non-local Student Support and Study Abroad, Services to Student Representatives, Student Amenities, Societies and Activities:
3917 2305
2546 0184

9:00 am - 5:45 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Careers and Placement Section
(3/F, Meng Wah Complex)

Enquiries on Career Advising:

Enquiries on Career Education, Training, and Workshops:

Enquiries on Entrepreneurship Support:

Enquiries on Graduate Employment Support:

Enquiries on Graduate Employment Survey:

Enquiries on Job Posting, NETjobs, Internship, and Recruitment Events:

Enquiries on Overseas & Mainland Internships / Programmes:

General Enquiries:
3917 2317
2559 5238

9:00 am - 5:45 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Counselling and Person Enrichment Section
(Room 301-323, Main Building)

Enquiries on Counselling, SEN (Special Educational Needs) Support and Person Enrichment Programmes:
3917 8388
2517 6394

9:00 am - 5:45 pm
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

General Education Team
(Room 240, 2/F, Main Building)

Enquiries on General Education Programmes
3917 5044
2547 0592

9:30 am - 1:00 pm
2:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Dean of Student Affairs
Professor Samson TSEdosa@hku.hk3917 2306
Ms Alice YU (Executive Assistant to Dean of Student Affairs)aylyu@hku.hk3917 8384
Dean's Office
Ms Candice CHEUNGAssistant Director (Advancement and Administration) candice.cheung@hku.hk3917 5235
Ms Carol YUENSenior Student Advising Officercarol-yuen@hku.hk3917 4861
Ms Sally TAMStudent Advising Officertsysally@hku.hk3917 5234
Ms Annie CHAUIT Officeranniecmy@hku.hk3917 4653
Mr KY WONGIT Officerkywongc@hku.hk3917 4657
Mr Peter CHANProject Officer (UNI-Y)petercch@hku.hk3917 8091
Ms Kali LI Senior Secretarykali-yung@hku.hk3917 8393
Campus Life Section
Mrs Sylvia WONGDirector of Campus Lifesylchan@hku.hk3917 8301
Ms Helen LAUChief Student Advising Officer (Campus Life)helenhl@hku.hk3917 8303
Mr Alan NGAccommodation Manageralanhyng@hku.hk3917 4227
Mr Sam POONSenior Catering Managerswhpoon@hku.hk3917 2285
Mr Wenkie KOOSenior Student Advising Officer (Campus Life)wenkie@hku.hk3917 4858
Ms Ada LEUNGSenior Student Advising Officer (Campus Life)adaleung@hku.hk3917 5232
Ms Sandy POONSenior Student Advising Officer (Campus Life)sandyps@hku.hk3917 8302
Ms Emily WONGSenior Student Advising Officer (Campus Life)eypwong@hku.hk3917 5236
Ms Velda SHUStudent Advising Officer (Campus Life)shuvelda@hku.hk3917 2304
Careers and Placement Section
Ms Jaime FUNGDirector of Careers and Placementjaimefsy@hku.hk3917 0182
Ms Josephine CHANChief Student Advising Officer (Careers)jochan@hku.hk3917 5237
Ms Jacqueline LLOYDSenior Student Advising Officer (Careers)jacqueline8@hku.hk3917 4854
Ms Elisa YUSenior Student Advising Officer (Careers)elisayu@hku.hk3917 4228
Ms Juliann HOStudent Advising Officer (Careers)juliannho@hku.hk3917 4229
Mr Jacky TSANGStudent Advising Officer (Careers)jackyt@hku.hk3917 2302
Mr Julian TSANGStudent Advising Officer (Careers)julian.tsang@hku.hk3917 8392
Ms Angel LIProject Officerangelli2@hku.hk3917 5231
Counselling and Person Enrichment Section
Dr Linda YEUNGDirector of Counselling and Person Enrichmentlinda.yeung@hku.hk3917 8381
Ms Ellery WUClinical Psychologistellerywu@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Joanna LAUEducational Psychologistlpc0324@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Bowie SIUClinical Psychologistsiubowie@hku.hk3917 8388
Mr Philip LIClinical Psychologistlihk@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Venus WONGClinical Psychologistvwut@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Cassie RONGClinical Psychologistyungrr@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Iris CHENGClinical Psychologistcwayec@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Heidi TSENG Counsellorheidit@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Yoki HUNGCounselloryokit@hku.hk3917 8388
Mr Brian LEECounsellorbrianlty@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Stephanie TANGCounsellorsteptkm@hku.hk3917 8388
Ms Enid FUNGChief Student Advising Officer (Counselling and Person Enrichment)eycfung@hku.hk3917 8382
Ms Suki LAMStudent Advising Officer (Counselling and Person Enrichment)sukilcw@hku.hk3917 5918
Ms Emily HUNGStudent Advising Officer (SEN Support)emilyhwk@hku.hk3917 1489
Ms Nicole YEUNGStudent Advising Officer (Counselling and Person Enrichment)nwyyeung@hku.hk3917 4856
Ms Stephanie CHUStudent Advising Officer (SEN Support)chujai87@hku.hk3910 2416
General Education Team
Dr Chi-Chung WONGHeadccchoice@hku.hk3917 5041
Ms Celeste SHAISenior Programme Officercymshai@hku.hk3917 5045
Ms Michele FOKSenior Student Advising Officer mcffok@hku.hk3917 4619
Ms Beatrice LIUProgramme Officerbliu@hku.hk3917 4458

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