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University Catering Services

University Catering Services

Where to eat on campus and outside the campus?

On campus, there are fast food restaurants and cafes at convenient locations that offer a wide range of local delicacies, cuisines, western food, Halal Food, coffee, pastries and healthy vegetarian food, where you can enjoy with your friends at a reasonable price. There are outposts and grab-and-go counters scattered around the main campus offering light meals, beverages and snacks for those with tight schedule or in a rush. Fast food restaurant and kiosks in Sassoon Road Campus, as well as snacks kiosk in sports centre all offer ranges of delicacies to meet the demands for food.

Going out of the campus, you can easily find restaurants serving different cuisines such as South-east Asian, European, Mediterranean, Indian, American, Japanese, etc, along Bonham Road, High Street and Third Street which are all within walking distance from the East Gate. If you go further down from the West Gate, the Westwood Shopping Arcade and downtown Shek Tong Tsui and Kennedy Town are good places where you can find many other eateries. For those with special dietary requirement such as Kosher and Halal#, and when the campus catering services are not able to meet your needs, there are various restaurants in the territories which provide such special catering provisions but at a higher price tag.

 #This hyperlink will direct to an external website.