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CEDARS Financial Resources

CEDARS Financial Resources

Learning happens everywhere at HKU. CEDARS aims to unleash our students’ potential, broaden their horizons and support their holistic personal development by striving to provide financial resources to support students to experience learning inside and outside classroom.

It includes a wide portfolio of financial support and assistance to students every year with scopes ranging from academic support, travel and exchange loan, community service fund and accommodation support etc. Students are welcome to apply for the suitable fund and support from CEDARS.

The list of financial resources will be updated periodically and is subject to change at any time.

Educational and merit-based funding:





Need based funding:

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For deferred payment of fees, please visit Fees Deferment.

For scholarships, please visit HKU Scholarships.

For other scholarships and various forms of financial aid for students undertaking Mainland / international learning opportunities, please visit HKU Horizons.

For financial assistance relating to Mainland learning opportunities, please visit China Vision.

In addition to applying and receiving funding / financial assistance administered by HKU, many students have also turned to other external funding resources.