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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


The Centre of Development and Resources for Students strives to nurture students in fulfillment of the University’s Vision and Mission through excellence and innovation in student support and co-curriculum and active engagement with students to contribute to the advancement of the society. 


The Centre of Development and Resources for Students will create opportunities, garner resources and collaborate with partners:  
  1. To achieve the HKU educational aims for undergraduates and postgraduates 
  2. To advance wellness, citizenship in local and global communities, social commitment and whole person development among all students 
  3. To bring out the full strengths of students and maximize their exposure and experience of students in the realms of intellectual, personal, moral and social development
  4. To effectuate mutual engagement between staff and students 
  5. To develop a collegial, inspiring and gratifying working environment for staff that promotes aspiration, advancement  and overall wellness
  6. To become a leader in student support and co-curricular programme in Asia


To achieve our missions, we adopt the following strategies: 
  1. To provide a  safe, healthy and sustainable campus environment to support and advance student learning and development
  2. To cultivate a vibrant, pluralistic, inclusive and inspiring campus environment that fosters creativity, growth and freedoms of thought, enquiry and expression
  3. To provide a comprehensive co-curricular programme  to complement the formal curriculum
  4. To serve as the focal point of support for student activities and initiatives in the University
  5. To act as a gateway for students to contribute to and benefit from learning in communities within and outside Hong Kong